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Men's Health Singapore is the authority on men’s fitness, health, sex and relationships, grooming and style, a “100% Useful” monthly guide for the sophisticated and active man who is vibrant, financially secure and who seeks an editorial product that is presented in an approachable and professional manner.

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we’d never put a reader on our cover

before, so we didn’t know what would happen when we opened up nominations for the Men’s Health Cover Guy 2018. Who would he be? After an exhaustive search, we’re pleased to announce we found our man: Syafiq Hassan. Back in school, Syafiq embarked on his sports and fitness journey through track & field thanks to the influence of his siblings, and trained hard to be the best that he could be. However, something clicked when he first stepped into the gym, which led to his foray into fitness and bodybuilding. But it wasn’t just about building a physique he can be proud of. In our interactions with him, his passion and devotion to fitness and sharing it with his fellow man has impressed us. Despite how difficult it can be to find…

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CrossFit Beginner WOD: Try This Basic Workout To Get Started Interested in diving into the constantly varied workout style of CrossFit but not sure where to start? Good news: you can get a taste of it on your own time with this beginner-friendly workout. https://www.menshealth.com. sg/fitness/crossfit-beginnerwod-basic-workout/ 5 Hawker Dishes in Singapore That Are Actually Healthy Hawker centres can still provide a nutritious meal, if you know where to look. Here’s what you should pick. https://www.menshealth.com.sg /weight-loss-nutrition/healthy-hawkerfood-singapore-dishes/ THE MOST USEFUL E-MAIL IN YOUR INBOX Sign up for our newsletter when you register to be a member on Menshealth.com.sg and receive free expert advice and tips delivered straight to your inbox. Each week, you’ll learn how to upgrade your muscle gains, look like a million bucks and get the girl. www.bit.ly/1YHEeSA • MH VIDEO • Can Ganbanyoku Help You…

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face off

We don’t always understand how a facial works. And most of what the therapist tells us eventually comes to nought midway through the massage. But if you have had a facial before, you would know that the most intense part would be the “extraction”. This is when pores are pressed, probed and squeezed to expel the gunk trapped beneath your skin. While this clears up your complexion, it’s also when one experiences the most discomfort. TRIPLE ACTION At Thomas D’Esthetique, a men’s only aesthetics and wellness centre, the signature Aqua Peel treatment does away with the pain but retains similar, if not better, results. The three-step therapy begins with the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) solution that is said to target wrinkles and slow down the signs of AFTERGLOW The Aqua Peel is suitable for all…

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ask men’s health

HOW HARD SHOULD I BE FOAMROLLING? RIGHT IT SHOULD ? – BEN HURT, First off, you don’t need to use a foam roller. It is a choice. For some, it may help with mobility or temporary pain relief, as the pressure enacts changes within tissues and the nervous system. But you should never use a foam roller for a bone issue. Pain here could just mean pain, or you could be irritating a fracture and causing more problems. When foam rollers are used correctly, though, you will experience mild discomfort. Still, there should be no on-going pain or discoloration of the tissues after rolling. Self-applied pain is a personal choice, but more is not necessarily better. Some people tend to overdo or overvalue the ability to tolerate discomfort. But with…

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legal ease

IF I WITNESSED AN ACCIDENT BUT DID NOT CALL THE AUTHORITIES, WILL I GET IN TROUBLE? The short and simple answer is no. There is generally no duty imposed on members of the public to make a police report if they witness an accident. However, it is always good civic-mindedness to call 999 especially if there is a medical emergency or a life-threatening situation. DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THE LAW THAT YOU WANT TO FIND OUT? Please send it to us at magmenshealth @sph.com.sg. The legal information here does not constitute legal advice. You should always consult a lawyer for the professional assurance that our information, and your interpretation of it,is appropriate to your particular situation, before you commence any sort of legal action. We are not liable if you fail to…