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Metro Home & Entertaining

Vol 15, No 4

Metro Home & Entertaining provides inspiration by featuring exclusive homes and top local tastemakers. It features an array of dwelling places from the grand to simple. Metro Home is a guide for greater appreciation of design and style.

ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.
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design is making life better

LOVING LOCAL is a big movement right now and it is an ethos that has effects on many industries. Tourism, fashion and our local design field have not just become consumer activities but a way to express our identity. Design is a paradox for though it does have a superficial aspect, it is about making spaces and products that look good. But underpinning that happy outcome are aspects that go much deeper: function, culture, history and a personal viewpoint. Adding to this duality is that while design does require organization, planning and careful thinking and editing, there will also always be that spark, that spontaneous stroke of genius, that idea that seems to come from nowhere. What does good design achieve? It does bring delight and joy. It should make one’s life…

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comfort solutions within reach

AMERICAN STANDARD, the leader in hygiene, brings greater comfort and security to your sanctuary with a range of solutions that protect your family’s health and elevate the sanitation of your spaces. In those private moments within your day, enjoy a complete and thorough clean with American Standard’s Spalet Collection, which marries sleek simplicity and advanced technology to bring you deluxe designs that offer fully-automated cleansing functions. The collection – which leverages on Lixil’s expertise in innovating shower toilets since 1967-features beautifully crafted shower toilets and electronic bidet seats that are enhanced with pampering spa-like functions. They deliver ultimate comfort, cleanliness and hygiene, and best of all, they operate hands-free! SLIM SMART WASHER II MANUAL BIDET Find greater comfort and convenience in the washroom with the Slim Smart Washer II Manual Bidet, which is fitted…

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home family

With the intention of pursuing a career in medicine, Gabriella Salud got her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology—and proceeded to follow her passion for writing instead. A former editorial assistant at Metro Society magazine, she loves to hear people’s stories and tell them through her writing. This month, she is excited to have written about Flax Midori, an innovative Japanese vertical garden system on page 118. Lance Paolo Lim is a digital savvy person who loves browsing interesting content on his iPhone, just as much as he enjoys reading paperbacks. He is interested in a variety of subjects, from music to film and television. He penned, “Of Nature’s History and Beauty,” (page 62) for this issue, where he recounts his visit to the National Museum of Natural History in Manila. Johanna…

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neat nooks

WE ALL HAVE that one favorite spot in the home, the one we find ourselves always in, whether it’s to listen to your favorite podcasts or album, read a few more pages of your current book, or simply to browse on your digital device a few minutes longer. Usually, this spot has your most favorite chair in that very accessible spot. This season, make sure you spruce up that favorite nook of yours. Perhaps by adding an interesting side table? How about peppering the area with more greens in eye-catching vases? Or consider what’s behind and add an interesting backdrop to it? A deep-colored wall adds seriousness and maturity to even the most playful of furniture, for example. A gorgeous antique mirror adds depth and elegance to rustic furnishings. The…

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a smeg-nificent christmas!

It’s that time of the year again! And when you put Christmas gift-giving and small domestic appliances in one sentence, it’s inevitable to think of how one prioritises when choosing said gift. Beyond recognising if the person is someone handy in the kitchen, or knowing what he or she are into cuisine-wise and in terms of eating habits; there are factors to consider as we choose a gift for a friend or relative. When it comes to domestic appliances, they generally fall under the following categories; and we ask: 1) Does it perform it’s primary function dependably? 2) Is it stylish and hip? 3) Is it durable and efficient over the long haul? 4) Does it incorporate the latest technology? That’s why, without a doubt, we can be thankful that Smeg, the renowned upmarket Italian…

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ACCESSORIES FROM CALLIGARIS Calligaris understands that accessories are an essential part of the interior design, thus, its variety of offerings. Circles is a three-colored metal totem plant and storage stand with a circular base, and as many round shelves at different heights. Sky, the rectangular or round rug, is printed digitally on a long-pile fabric and edged with a black satin border. The two-piece mirror set Volume plays on 3D effects, “floating” in space, creating great visual depth. THE FIRST WILCON STORE IN TAYABAS Wilcon Depot, the Philippines’ leading home improvement and construction supplies retailer, strategically opened their first retail outlet in Tayabas, Quezon province, its 48th retail store nationwide. Their product selection range from tiles, sanitarywares, plumbing, furniture, home interior, building materials, hardware, electrical, appliances and other DIY items. To learn more…