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Metro is the authority on Auckland. Whether it’s where to find the best yum cha, or a must-read profile of a developer changing the cityscape, Metro’s team of writers exhaustively research any subject they tackle. The magazine has an unmatched journalistic pedigree and an honour roll of awards for stories about everything from real estate to sport. Like Auckland, Metro is bold; it is feisty, independent, and irreverent.

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01-CRUNCH TIME Matthew Hooton writes, “Jacinda Ardern can no longer delay bold decisions in 2019.” 02-BEST CAFES 2019 Coffee’s up. 03-FIRST LOOKS Keep up with Auckland’s new openings, like Little Creatures in Hobsonville Point. 04-ROCKET ON A TRICYCLE Jill Lepore tells Anthony Byrt, “The unleashed power of technology has radically changed US ideals.” FOLLOW US- On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, our username is @metromagnz METRO ON YOUR IPAD- Download the new issue and back issues on iTunes (search: Metro Magazine NZ). STAY IN TOUCH- Subscribe to Metro’s email newsletter at www.noted.co.nz/metro GETTY IMAGES, ALEX BLACKWOOD, ANGIE HUMPHRIES…

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hi, i’m new here

Sharp-eyed readers of Susannah Walker’s editorial in our summer issue may have suspected something was up. Change was coming — for Susannah, and, unbeknownst to anyone at the time, for me. I wasn’t here, and now I am. So, while magazine-making — like almost every other worthwhile thing in life — is an inherently collaborative venture, this issue is more collaborative than most. It’s like one of those challenges on Top Chef where one contestant preps a dish and then passes it on to their until-then-blindfolded teammate to execute. And so, before these editorials devolve into a space for me to pontificate on the issues of the day (something to look forward to) and settle personal grievances (kidding!), I’d like to acknowledge Susannah both for her custodianship of this publication and for…

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yours, etc

Anthony Byrt, in his article on recent student protests at the University of Auckland [ Critical thinking , Jan/Feb 2019], observes that their vociferousness came as a “slight surprise” and that it has “been a while since the university campus has seemed like an unruly place”. Metro readers could be forgiven for assuming this was no more than an occasional protest at the wider university directions that Byrt so clearly outlines. But such assumptions would be well wide of the mark. In fact, students of the so-called “creative arts and industries” were protesting about the severing of interdependencies between their specialist libraries and the places of their creative work — connections that were convincingly identified in both staff and student submissions to the “consultation” process. Perhaps because of how unique the interdependencies…

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20 questions

01-Does New Zealand Cricket just need to grow some balls? 02-What’s smaller: cartoon Simon Bridges or the real one’s poll numbers? 03-It may be our imagination, but isn’t that a trace of cream at the corner of Judith Collins’ mouth? 04-If Mike McRoberts has to pull out of Dancing with the Stars, what will you miss most — the beefcake or the ham? 05-Or the number he was going to do in full war-correspondent regalia? 06-Be honest, wasn’t life just a bit more fun when the Unruly Tourists were around? 07-Still, our country’s now perfectly litter-free, isn’t it? 08-Who ordered us the Chinese Cold Shoulder? 09-Is this a case of “Our way or the Huawei”? 10-Has John Campbell tweeted about your indie band yet? 11-Ever fallen in love, in love with someone you shouldn’t have given $1.25 million to? 12-Jim Bolger…

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objectifying history

Biko Squad shield, 1981 Springbok Tour This home-made shield was used by the Biko Squad (named for Steve Biko, an anti-apartheid activist killed in prison in South Africa) during the protest at the third test of the 1981 Springbok Tour, at Eden Park. Holes were drilled near the top to offer the user visibility without exposing their head. Truth in a sea of trivia The Metro tribute to Warwick Roger [True Grit, Nov/Dec 2018] gave a welcome and refreshing insight into the values and motive that underpinned the magazine. How we need this kind of antidote to fake news and the manipulation it spawns. Sociologist Neil Postman’s analysis of cultural shifts in Amusing Ourselves to Death pointed to the fact that a greater threat to quality journalism in the West is not so much…

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write and win

One reader whose letter to the editor is published in the next issue of Metro will receive a beautifully handcrafted 20cm Kai Shun Classic Chefs knife, RRP $275. This exceptionally sharp, all-purpose Japanese knife is suitable for chopping, shredding, cutting, slicing and cubing meats and vegetables. Visit kaishun.co.nz to see the full range of Kai Shun knives. Terms and conditions: Entry is open to New Zealand residents. Employees of Bauer Media Group (LP) NZ, their affiliates, agencies and immediate families are ineligible to enter. Entries are limited to one per person. This promotion commences on February 21, 2019, and ends at midnight on April 9, 2019. The promoter is Bauer Media Group (LP) NZ, Shed 12, City Works Depot, 90 Wellesley St West, Auckland.…