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Metro NZ September - October 2019

Metro is the authority on Auckland. Whether it’s where to find the best yum cha, or a must-read profile of a developer changing the cityscape, Metro’s team of writers exhaustively research any subject they tackle. The magazine has an unmatched journalistic pedigree and an honour roll of awards for stories about everything from real estate to sport. Like Auckland, Metro is bold; it is feisty, independent, and irreverent.

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Welcome to your regular dispatch from the World Wide Web. We’re bringing you, the Metro reader, daily updates on the best in food, culture, politics and more on our website, metromag.co.nz. POLITICAL COMMENTARY We’ve got a new columnist in Metro, Wellington political commentator Morgan Godfery. As well as a column in each issue, you’ll be able to find more of Morgan’s opinions online, such as his recent piece on the Ihumātao occupation, and how it’s Jacinda Ardern’s ‘foreshore and seabed’ moment. WHAT I ATE In a new semi-regular feature, we get movers and shakers in Auckland to diary a week of eating for Metro. Actors, comedians and other notable figures share their top tips for finding yum food around the city. Actors Kalyani Nagarajan and Jess Sayer, and comedian James Roque, have penned fun…

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a boring endorsement

Auckland is, as it often is, at a crossroads. On 12 October, we will choose our next mayor — a stark choice between two very different candidates offering two very different approaches to governing our city, and two very different visions for our future. As seems to be increasingly common in elections around the world, the choice is between a pragmatic, buttoned-down bureaucrat and a freewheeling, loose-lipped populist. In his column on page 30, Matthew Hooton lays out the failings of Phil Goff’s mayoralty to date: housing in Auckland remains in crisis, in part because of a lack of action on updating Auckland’s building code and consent process (see also Shamubeel Eaqub’s ‘Generation Rent revisited’ on page 64); there’s been no progress on his plan for a second harbour crossing; rather…

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dear metro

Dear Jess, I have a frustrating issue. I was engaged to create an updated website brand by an influencer. The influencer was paid at the conclusion of the project but hasn’t paid me. In fact, she altered the needs list after the job was done and told me I hadn’t completed the tasks when I actually have a copy of the original list, and the client in fact thanked me. She then, stupidly, wrote to the client and said, “If he contacts you, do not pay him” — but accidentally sent that email to me. Do I name and shame or go to the Disputes Tribunal? From, Used and Abused Dear Used, If you have been used and abused… Then I am mad. My fuse has blewed. Jokes aside, nothing gets me going more than…

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write and win

The Ripe Deli team has put together a third helping of delicious recipes, following the success of their first two cookbooks. Arranged by season, recipes vary from fast, fresh salads and delicious quick meals to lovely slow-cooked goodness, plus plenty of Ripe’s famous cakes and slices. A Third Helping is filled with 150 recipes to feed the soul and delight your taste buds. Terms and conditions: Entry is open to New Zealand residents. Employees of Bauer Media Group (LP) NZ, their affiliates, agencies and immediate families are ineligible to enter. Entries are limited to one per person. This promotion commences on 5 September, 2019, and ends at midnight on 18 October, 2019. The promoter is Bauer Media Group (LP) NZ, Shed 12, City Works Depot, 90 Wellesley St West, Auckland.…

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objectifying history

These gardening tools, ginger jars, condiment dishes, chopsticks, fan-tan counters and coins belonged to the Ah Chee family and their staff, who lived and worked on a market garden at the foot of Auckland Domain near Stanley Street from 1882 to 1919. In the 1880s, Chan Dah Chee opened a number of greengrocer stores and ran several dining rooms in central Auckland. He also exported native New Zealand tree fungus and toheroa to China, and imported bananas and ginger from Fiji. His grandson, Tom Ah Chee, opened the first Foodtown in New Zealand in 1958, and started the iconic pie business Georgie Pie in 1977.…

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20 questions

01 Has the country ever been less excited about a Rugby World Cup? 02 Are we all scarred from that whole cricket thing? 03 Hosted a measles party lately without knowing it? 04 Want a two-storied 18-lane Harbour Bridge? 05 Or is it more of a Shelbyville idea? 06 How many lanes would you promise to be elected mayor? 07 Has there ever been a baby boomer less popular with baby boomers than Phil Goff? 08 John Tamihere? 09 Speak of which — Dear Landlord, can I please have a three-year rent freeze? 10 Is that how this works? 11 Has climate-change “inquirer” Matt King looked into anything for very long apart from his mirror? 12 Has Philip Morris tried to sell you their “innovative alternative to traditional smoking” yet? 13 But surely your old friend Phil will have your best interests…