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Metro NZ November/December 2018

Metro is the authority on Auckland. Whether it’s where to find the best yum cha, or a must-read profile of a developer changing the cityscape, Metro’s team of writers exhaustively research any subject they tackle. The magazine has an unmatched journalistic pedigree and an honour roll of awards for stories about everything from real estate to sport. Like Auckland, Metro is bold; it is feisty, independent, and irreverent.

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A library of Metro features and columns is available at www.noted.co.nz. Designed as a home for quality long reads and inspiring journalism, our website gives you current reviews, new food openings and guides to the city, plus all the best stories from the Listener and North & South. New at www.noted.co.nz 01-KISSING THE SERPENT Bob Harvey experiences the power of ayahuasca. 02-TOP 50 UNDER $50 Great inner-city meals for $50 or less. 03- FOOD: FIRST LOOKS Our First Looks offer sneak peeks at the latest restaurant, bar and cafe openings, including Pūhā and Pākehā. 04-TE REO IN SCHOOLS Interest in te reo Māori is on the rise, but schools are struggling to find teachers. FOLLOW US- On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, our username is @metromagnz METRO ON YOUR IPAD- Download the new issue and back issues on iTunes (search: Metro Magazine NZ). STAY IN…

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Sunday lunch. No table service. Quite busy — lots of worried-looking white people clutching yoga mats. Plenty of families, little kids pushing wooden trucks around. Communal tables and a couple of couches. Worthy wooden furniture. Outdoor seating area has commanding views of car park. Organic, etc. Usual juices, smoothies. No caffeine! “Latte” made with “mylk”! All-day menu. Lots of salads. Bowl of wild rice, beans, greens with “cheese” sauce. Tasty, very fresh, feels generous until it seems to never end. Sweet options in cabinet include cheesecake, brownies, slices, fudge. Expensive, $9.50 for one slice. Bliss balls look like a punishment. Middle-aged man in pink socks with limp grey ponytail greets stick-like young female staff with hugs. Live music. Folk musician deafens whole place with cover of Neil Young song on harmonica. Then he “can’t…

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more wins for metro

Our readership has increased by 23.3 per cent in the past year, according to data released by Nielsen CMI. In other good news, Metro was recently honoured at the 2018 Webstar Magazine Media Awards, winning Best Designer and Best Portrait Photographer in the Current Affairs, Business & Trade category, while our 2017 Cheap Eats cover (right) won Best Cover in the same category and was a finalist in Best Cover — People’s Choice. A round of applause for art director Jessica Allen and photographer Meek Zuiderwyk, and our other finalists, columnist Chris Barton and photographer Stephen Langdon. Metro was also a Best Magazine finalist (Current Affairs, Business & Trade).…

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true grit

Working for Warwick Roger at Metro gave many of us the jobs of our lives, a lucky break, a career start and the opportunity at what had to be the best journalism gig in town. Sadly, three of the brightest, shiniest young stars to whom he gave a start are no longer with us: Max Chapple, Andrew Heal and Jan Corbett, in all of whom Warwick saw that thing that he argued talented young journalists have in common with sheep dogs: bright eyes. Warwick was famous for such aphorisms. What he intended for all the many talented young and not-so-young writers he hired was that they would do what he called “God’s work”. Metro, of course, did not have a mission statement — Warwick would not have entertained that for a moment —…

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20 questions

01-In all the murk of politics, isn’t it kind of refreshing that Jami-Lee’s hair is so transparent? 02- “Brutal”… You do realise that sex with a National MP is more often “sad”, “disappointing” or “a fiasco”? 03-How many non-event backbenchers are secretly envious of “fucking useless” Maureen’s suddenly improved name recognition? 04-You’re not taping this, are you? 05-If one Chinese equals one Filipino and two Chinese are more valuable than two Indians, shouldn’t someone have rung the Race Relations Commissioner already? 06-Or just ordered pizza instead? 07-The slimmed-down Paula is actually quite the hottie, isn’t she? 08-But still ugly on the inside? 09-Bought a knock-off Mongrel Mob shirt yet? 10-Or are the Black Power colours more “2019”? 11-Actually, that King Cobra logo is pretty on-fleek, isn’t it? 12- “Deer milk hits the spot at New Zealand food awards”: Auckland Zoo, your…

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yours, etc

Pale stale males I think you are too hard on white, right, male extremists ( A year of dangerous thinking , September/ October issue). It isn’t their fault they were sent to repressive, single-sex, high-decile schools. It isn’t their fault they were taught a false sense of entitlement, only to find immigrants had won all the academic prizes. Put yourself in their boat shoes for once. They had nothing in their lunch boxes but chia seeds, carrot sticks and sourdough spelt. There was no Raro in their drink bottles. They had no coat when it rained; the nanny picked them up. Driving them out with Village People anthems they can’t dance to isn’t the answer, people. Show them some love, Auckland. Find common ground. Break carbs together (see last issue for cheap noodles) and drink (craft)…