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Metro NZ September/October 2018

Metro is the authority on Auckland. Whether it’s where to find the best yum cha, or a must-read profile of a developer changing the cityscape, Metro’s team of writers exhaustively research any subject they tackle. The magazine has an unmatched journalistic pedigree and an honour roll of awards for stories about everything from real estate to sport. Like Auckland, Metro is bold; it is feisty, independent, and irreverent.

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A library of Metro features and columns is available at www.noted.co.nz. Designed as a home for quality long reads and inspiring journalism, our website gives you current reviews, new food openings and guides to the city, plus all the best stories from the Listener and North & South. New at www.noted.co.nz 01-FOOD: FIRST LOOKS Our First Looks offer sneak peeks at the latest restaurant, bar and cafe openings: check out Lowbrow from the owners of Top 50 restaurant Culprit, plus new West Auckland cafe-bistro Fabric. 02-LOOKING FOR MR WALTERS A new Auckland Art Gallery exhibition celebrates modernist painter Gordon Walters’ lifetime’s work. 03-TOP 50 RESTAURANTS The best places to eat in 2018. FOLLOW US- On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, our username is @metromagnz METRO ON YOUR IPAD- Download the new issue and back issues on iTunes (search: Metro Magazine NZ). STAY IN…

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crunch time

Choosing the restaurants worthy of Auckland’s Top 50 Cheap Eats list for 2018 involved, among other things, a great deal of noodle slurping. We started with a long-list of contenders, relishing the discovery of places that have popped up over the past year, and making forays into forgotten corners of the city to revisit old favourites. We also worked with a set of criteria that included serving a delicious meal for $20 or less per head (not including drinks), being open in the evening and offering the option of eating in. Unkind lighting, a blaring TV, mismatched cutlery, plastic chairs, service that’s a bit brisk — unlike our other Top 50 restaurant lists, none of these things necessarily meant a restaurant was struck from the race. First and foremost, it was the quality…

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20 questions

01-If the Mission Bay “makeover” looks like the artist’s impressions, how will the residents know whether they’ve got home from Queensland? 02-Negotiated a four-day working week yet? 03-Or just keeping your head down in case someone realises how little you achieve in five days? 04-Is Simon one of those Bridges to Nowhere? 05-Racking up a few miles getting there, isn’t he? 06-Yes, it’s a spare bedroom in Takapuna, but couldn’t you register it in the Cayman Islands? 07-Isn’t it time 2005 called and asked for its Don Brash back? 08-Could Massey University’s loopy decision to uninvite him cost it that prestigious 332nd place in the world university rankings? 09-When Fashion Week runway models fall off their shoes, have they been de-platformed? 10-Does DoC use Monty Python’s dead- parrot sketch as a training video? 11-Actually, who doesn’t feel sick as a…

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yours, etc

Old dogs The best of our art writing is now appearing in Metro so congratulations to you, and to Anthony Byrt for his interrogation of the Gordon Walters show at Auckland Art Gallery (July-August issue). He takes the curators to task for not bringing Walters’ life and pivotal relationship with Theo Schoon into focus, and is dead right to do so. I was fortunate to get close to Schoon in the early 1970s. He was a frequent visitor to our student lodgings in Christchurch, where Jill Studd and Boyd Webb were also in residence. Schoon had a magnetic pull, but could be quixotic and mercurial. If you took a serious interest in what it meant to be Kiwi, then you couldn’t have a more exacting mentor; but there were always going to…

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on the town

NZ Symphony Orchestra winter dinner — St Matthew-in-the-City 01-Steve Cockeram, Spencer West & Joann Farnell. 02-Hamish McKeich & Danielle Bates. 03-Simon Bowden, John Dillon & Harriette Blackman. 04-Yvonne Chetwin & Neville Darrow. 05-Edwin Telle & Lisa Bates. 06-Ginny Fisher & Simon Vodanovich. 07-Shelley Sage & Sonja Clapham. 08-Clementine Marshall & Jerome Rusk. 09-Hilary Cootes & Jo Blair. 10-Gaye Gardner & Andrew Barnes. Sibs opening night — Basement Theatre 01-Samuel Austin, Kim Lynch & Ella Gilbert. 02-Aaron Cortesi & Leon Wadham. 03-Olivia Parker & Michaela Lemkes. 04-Chris Parker. 05- Hamish Parkinson & Kermath Davies. 06-Mark Mockridge & Emma Smith.…

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palette earth

01- Mug, $85, and dripper, $75, by Yuko Ikeda, and chopping board, $40, all from Tür Studio; Red Red Wine, artwork (acrylic and oil on canvas), by Sarah Williams, $2000, from Seed Gallery; round vase, $35, from Babelogue. 02- Coral, $60, round vase, $65, and onyx cup, $60, all from Babelogue; Cuba vase (matt grey), $85, (medium), from Steiner Ceramics. 03- The Round table, by Companion, $299, from Companion Co-Design; pink temuka vase, $95, from Babelogue; John, artwork (acrylic and oil on board), by Sarah Williams, $1000, from Seed Gallery. 04- Jug, $50, from Babelogue; side plates, $16-17 each, chip bowl $18 (matt grey), all from Steiner Ceramics. 05- Border side table (black marble top), by Simon James, $1618, from Simon James Design; glass dish, $60, and shell, $20, both from Babelogue; torty cuff,…