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Mindful June 2019

Mindful is the groundbreaking new magazine dedicated to helping you live mindfully. The simple practice of being in the moment brings out the best in who you are.

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learning mbsr and mindfulness

The Mindfulness Center at Brown brings together top academics in mindfulness research with leading educators in the field. We are dedicated to rigorous research, student-centered education, and a global presence to share mindfulness practices that improve individual lives and organizational effectiveness. MBSR TEACHER EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT MINDFULNESS IN HEALTHCARE MINDFULNESS IN SCHOOLS AND HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR THE CURIOUS OR SEASONED PRACTITIONER MINDFULNESS IN THE WORKPLACE AND LEADERSHIP TRAINING THE BROWN GLOBAL MINDFULNESS COLLABORATIVE BROWN Mindfulness Center Learn more at brown.edu/mindfulnesscenter…

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…and welcome to the June issue. I joined the Mindful team a few months ago and have been busily editing the magazine behind the scenes. I’m thrilled to introduce this issue’s cover person Shelly Tygielski—mindfulness teacher, self-care activist and heartfelt supporter of the Parkland community in Florida—because I think you’ll find her practice and passion both powerful and inspiring. I am also delighted to have Jillian Pransky sharing her insights about how we hold tension in our minds and bodies and her encouragement to pause, deeply listen, release and relax, and discover a deep, almost liquid, full-body peace. (I hope you will melt with one of her practices.) And, of course, I am honored that Mindful was invited on an intimate tour of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens with master…

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welcome to mindful

Did you know Mindful is a nonprofit? We are dedicated to inspiring and guiding anyone who wants to explore mindfulness to enjoy better health, more caring relationships, and a more compassionate society. By reading Mindful and sharing it with others, you’re helping to bring mindfulness practices into the world where the benefits can be enjoyed by all. Thank you! Print magazine & special topic publications 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge FREE! Guided meditations & podcasts Mindfulness video courses Visit online at mindful.org Get More Mindful…

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top of mind

English Schools Try Mindfulness More than 350 schools across England are taking part in a study, launched by the UK government, that will see students and teachers learning a variety of practices for emotional wellness, including mindfulness, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques, guided by experts. The two-year study will yield data on what works best in schools to support young people’s mental well-being. Sensory-Friendly Shopping The sensory onslaught of large, busy stores deters many people with autism from buying groceries. Inspired by a class of 4th-graders who learned about sensory challenges and autism and then wrote letters to the Canadian grocery chain Sobeys, a partnership between Autism Nova Scotia and Sobeys is making space for “sensory-friendly shopping.” During Sunday evenings, at stores around the Canadian Maritimes, lights are dimmed, music and loud noise…

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acts of kindness

When Twitter user Michael Beatty made a jab at comedian and actor Patton Oswalt in response to a politically charged tweet, Oswalt first responded with a lighthearted joke. He then checked out Beatty’s Twitter feed, only to discover the man was a Vietnam vet who had recently set up a crowd-funding campaign seeking $5,000 to pay medical bills resulting from sepsis, diabetic ketoacidosis, and a coma. Oswalt donated $2,000 and shared the campaign with his massive online following. Within 24 hours, the campaign had raised more than $35,000. Ron and Sharleen Gillies were driving to see Sharleen’s dying mother when they got into a minor car accident. A man named Dean Moore noticed the couple by the side of the road and stopped to help. Hearing their story, Moore drove the…

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research news

MANAGING CHRONIC DISEASE People with chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma, cancer, and heart disease often experience anxiety and depression. Both can interfere with self-regulation, which makes managing medications and maintaining healthy habits challenging. Researchers in Boston asked 92 adults with a chronic illness combined with anxiety and depression to participate in an 8-week program that included mindfulness, self-compassion, mindfulness-oriented behavior skills, and developing a self-management action plan. At the end of 8 weeks participants showed significant improvements in disease management compared to a wait-list control group. Even better, the program was covered by health insurance. MINDFUL PARENTING PAYS OFF For a study examining how mindful parenting affects teens, more than 400 families of 6th-and 7thgrade students either attended a mindfulness program designed for parents and families, or were asked to read two parenting booklets.…