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Mindful February 2019

Mindful is the groundbreaking new magazine dedicated to helping you live mindfully. The simple practice of being in the moment brings out the best in who you are.

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couldn’t care less

Editor-in-Chief barry@mindful.org Our must-read story this issue: “A New Way to Work,” reporter Alan Green’s story on how the WELL Building Standard can change people’s lives just by upgrading their surroundings—including making space for quiet time, movement, and rest. On page 64. Ah, clickbait. It draws you in but so often disappoints. All hat, no cattle, as the Texas saying goes. To wit: A recent New York Times headline blared, “Hey Boss, You Don’t Want Your Employees to Meditate.” The piece is by two business school behavioral scientists, Kathleen Vohs and Andrew Hafenbrack, who conducted research to test, among other things, whether “the mindfulness condition would reduce task motivation.” In other words, because mindfulness practice asks you to bring your attention to the “current moment” and “accept things as they are,” you’ll be less…

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what's your calling?

95% of mindful RESPONDENTS say that they HAVE a sense of PURPOSE in their lives What actions or habits feel deeply meaningful to you? “Being in nature, walking, cycling, and running.”“Simply listening, to engage in my world and to be fully present in my own life.”“Drinking tea with a loved one.”“Going back to bed in the middle of the day if I need it.”“Daily writing. Sharing my voice connects with my inner wisdom in a way that surprises me.”“Meditating and practicing qigong.” 75% of people's jobs matched their VALUES and DREAMS Has your purpose remained consistent throughout your life? What is the biggest personal benefit of having purpose in your life? What’s the bravest thing that following your dreams has led you to do? “I became my own best friend.”“I started ballet lessons at 51 years old.”“I…

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top of mind

Mindfulness meets baking Just like with meditation practice, research has found baking can help reduce anxiety and increase well-being. So why not mix—or knead, or braid—the two together? Baker Ian Waterland, who worked in health and social care for 28 years before changing careers, is leading Mindful Bread workshops out of his bakery in Leicestershire, England. The workshops will offer instruction in bread baking alongside guided practices in engaging the senses and mindful breathing. Salesforce supports mindfulness for kids Software giant Salesforce has made mindfulness a central theme in its philanthropy. The company, which is based in San Francisco, has pledged $15.5 million to two Bay Area school districts to bolster computer science programs, train teachers, and support mindfulness training for students. Mindfulness lifts off You may have meditated on a plane before—either on your…

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acts of kindness

In an often bleak and depressing social media world, someone (@bookoisseur) asked people to share their experiences of kindness from strangers. The responses were heartwarming: “I was flying home bc my dad was dying. The woman next to me asked if I was ok (I clearly wasn’t) and I wound up spilling my guts. She held my hand the entire flight, then hugged me and kissed my forehead when we landed.”–@kym_possible23“I was homeless. It was in a suburb of Chicago in the winter, well below freezing. I’d not eaten or really slept in days. A Pakistani family who owned a Dunkin’ Donuts invited me in, fed me hot soup and donuts. They very literally saved my life.”–@lynlandon“Once I was feeling like I could vanish and it wouldn’t matter and didn’t ride…

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apps to help you disconnect

FLIPD Flipd diverts digital distractions by locking you out of nonessential apps for your desired amount of time. The app is designed to up your intentional screen-free time. FOREST Put down your phone and help the environment? Forest is partnered with an environmental nonprofit that plants trees when users earn credits, which you do by staying off your phone. While it’s not in use, cute little trees “grow” into a forest on the screen. Aww. SCREEN TIME With their new Screen Time feature, Apple devices now let you track your screen habits—such as how often you receive notifications or pick up your iPhone or iPad—and set limits for how long you can spend on your most-used apps. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY VIRGIN AUSTRALIA, ILLUSTRATION BYMOCKUPWORLD.CO…

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research news

FEELING GOOD IN YOUR OWN SKIN Do mindful people feel better about their bodies? Researchers asked 115 female college students about their level of mindfulness, body responsiveness, body shame, and overall health. Women who reported greater awareness and who tended to be nonjudgmental and nonreactive—key mindfulness skills—had less body shame, were more attuned to their bodies, and were healthier overall. The researchers say it’s not yet clear whether mindfulness increases body satisfaction, or vice versa. BUILDING YOUR MEDITATION MUSCLE In a comparison of adults who listened to either a guided meditation or a podcast daily for 13 minutes, researchers found that meditators reaped more benefits. For instance, after eight weeks meditators felt less anxiety and reported fewer negative mood states. And their performance on a set of computerized tests showed that they’d developed better…