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Modern Rodding Volume 2, Issue 10 July 2021

Modern Rodding is dedicated to early and late hot rodes - from Model Ts to GTOs and everything in-between. It features the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products, and special features.

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starting over editorial

This is our July ’21 issue and that makes Modern Rodding 1 year old. It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by, but then again this past year has been like no other—regardless of how you measure time! The July issue represents our anniversary and the beginning of our second year producing the best in the world of hot rodding to car guys, and gals, the world over in both print and digital format. And we would be remiss if we didn’t have social outlets such as Facebook and Instagram along with a website (InTheGarageMedia.com) for each brand. It was back in March of 2020 on Friday the 13th that In The Garage Media (ITGM) opened its doors for business. We’ve been told we have impeccable business timing as…

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rodding around industry news

✿ John McLeod of Classic Instruments is Inducted into the Darryl Starbird Rod and Custom Hall of Fame Since 1977 Classic Instruments instrumentation has continually been handcrafted in America. Owner John McLeod attended the 57th Annual Darryl Starbird National Rod and Custom Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was inducted into the Darryl Starbird Rod and Custom Hall of Fame. McLeod received the award for the impact that Classic Instruments has had on the hot rod industry. “To join the ranks of industry icons such as Boyd Coddington, Troy Trepanier, George Barris, and Posie, just to name a few, is certainly an honor that I never would have expected,” John says. The entire team at Classic Instruments congratulates Dan Woods, Chris Ryan, Ron Covell, Eric Geisert, and Penny Pichette for their entry…

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parts department

1. SLICKING UP A SHOEBOX Dakota Digital is now offering a new RTX application fitting the 1949-1950 Ford passenger car (PN RTX-49F-X, 1949-1950 Ford Car RTX system; there are also metric/custom variations). This instrument system attaches directly into the stock metal dash opening, including an all-new machined aluminum (chromed) housing. Styled after the original equipment found in the 1949-1950, all backlight options are user-selectable within the RTX Series. For more info, contact Dakota Digital by calling (800) 852-3228 or visit dakotadigital.com. 2. ENSURE A COOL DRIVE If you’re finishing up a late-model engine swap into your classic, Duralast offers a Water Pump Fan Clutch Kit to help you bolt in a cooling system that was engineered to work together—ideal for LS engine swaps. Each kit is supplied with a new water pump, fan clutch, serpentine…

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1958 chevy impala

In 1958 General Motors celebrated its 50th year of production and in so doing introduced anniversary models for each of its brands. Founded on this one-of-a-kind occurrence, the 1958 Chevrolet models were longer, lower, and wider than its predecessors. The 1958 Chevy Impala was the first with dual headlamps and the tailfins that grew wildly through 1957 were replaced by deeply sculptured rear fenders. Another key design element of the 1958 Chevy Impala were the three taillights per side. Lesser models that year had two and the wagons a single taillight per side. More design elements intended for the Impala were the crossed-flag insignias above the side moldings, as well as bright rocker moldings and dummy rear-fender scoops. The Impala nameplate was first seen on the 1956 General Motors Motorama show…

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1932 ford highboy roadster

You build enough projects and you end up with leftover parts—lots! Most of us can’t part with these remnants so we store them away on a back shelf, in an outdoor storage unit, in the farthest reaches of our garage, or someplace where we won’t forget them, which we do almost immediately. We instinctively know should we not use these remnants and that someday they will make great currency for something that we will need from another rodder who has stored their excesses. This past year, 2020, was most unusual and many of us had time on our hands that we wouldn’t normally have enjoyed. Plenty of us worked on our current rides, plenty of us started new projects, and that’s where this story leads us. Bobby Alloway’s latest ride is…

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installing four-wheel disc brakes

When it comes to the immediate prewar Ford passenger cars, it could be argued that they have more in common with the later, fullsize passenger cars from the ’50s and beyond than the preceding models that came out earlier in the decade. Comparing a 1930 Ford Model A coupe and a 1940 Ford DeLuxe coupe, aside from their similar suspension design, the two bear almost no similarities. Like comparing a Neanderthal to a modern Homo sapien, the Model A was rudimentary in design and simple in sophistication while the 1940 Ford was a more refined design, showcasing the evolution that happened within a single decade while the nation was knee-deep in the greatest depression in the history of the industrial world. Upgrades were continually made to the Ford line throughout…