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Mother & Baby India March 2020

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Mother & Baby India, specialises in everything baby-related. From stories of Indian mums and babies, product reviews , loads of local info, to global views. Mother & Baby India also draws from international top-sellers Mother & Baby UK and Pregnancy & Birth UK. It has become the leader in the Indian parenting genre since its launch in May 2008, respected and loved by parents, doctors and industry experts alike.

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panel of experts

DR KIRAN COELHO A succesful gynaecologist and practicing obgyn for the last 30 years. DR ANITA MADAN A doctorate in education, she is currently the Curriculum Development head with EuroKids International Pvt Ltd where she promotes a developmentally appropriate curriculum. DR GEETANJALI SHAH Popular Mumbai paediatrician, conducts holistic fitness workshops for pregnant women. NUTAN PANDIT Breastfeeding counsellor and natural birth therapist who’s been teaching in New Delhi since 1978. DR DHERANDRA KUMAR Consultant clinical and child psychologist, he is founder and director of Psyindia, and engaged in direct work with children. SONALI SHIVLANI Mumbai-based childbirth educator, certified by Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association, USA. ANIKA PURI Childbirth educator, prenatal and postnatal massage therapist, certified counsellor, reflexolgist and a holistic practitioner of women’s health and fertility in Delhi. EFFATH YASMIN Founder of Nourish & Nurture Lactation Care & Parenting Education, International Board Certified lactation consultant, and…

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editor’s note

Perhaps one of the most critical factors in parenting, development or growth is what mommies and mommies-to-be are always most anxious about. Right from the confirmation of pregnancy to well into childhood, worried mums are constantly found scrounging through parenting material, and checking with fellow parents to compare notes. While it is healthy to be aware of development parameters, it is equally important to note that these are documented merely for the sake of benchmarking, based on the law of averages. Experts agree that developmental milestones should be perceived as mere guidelines, with the understanding that each child is unique, and may follow an individual growth pattern. Having said that, it helps to track your li'l one to ensure that all the important boxes are ticked off on an accepted…

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mum’s the word

Do you have something to say? Is there any way Mother & Baby can help you in your journey of parenthood? Write in to the editor at this e-mail address: mbeditorial@gmail.com The letter of the month will win a special gift from Sophie la girafe® Dear Mother & Baby, I cannot thank you enough for coming to me when I needed you the most. When I found out I was pregnant, I thought it was going to be the most magical moment in my life, but instead I was nervous, anxious and scared for what the future would hold. I felt this way for the entire first month. Then, I came across M&B and it turned my life around! Reading your content put my at ease, and especially reading your cover mums’ stories truly…

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what’s in store

‘Hair’ for you Bare Anatomy, a personalised hair care brand, has launched their new Pre Hair Mask. The formulation aims at bringing dull and unourished hair back to life. Infused with botanical extracts, the products can be customised to your needs, factoring in personal data and information about lifestyle, diet, age, hair problems, etc. You also have the option of picking a preferred colour and fragrance to enhance the customer experience and even get your name printed on the jar! Each product is curated based your hair needs, acquired from a fun questionnaire that gives important information about your hair health. Let your eyes do the talking Women’s Day is on March 8th, the perfect opportunity for you to go all out and in style, with Kiko Milano’s Tuscan Sunshine eyeshadow palette, to…

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what’s on

A KIDDIE FIESTA! India’s largest festival for kids, the Nickelodeon Windmill Festival, took place recently at JioWorld Garden, Mumbai, and provided a one-of-a-kind experience for toddlers, pre-teens and parents. The festival’s main objective was to give kids a healthy and positive outdoor experience, and encourage families to spend quality time together via the various activities on offer at the festival. Team M&B was also in attendance and was pleased to see that there was something for every child. The two-day event had a selection of over 50 workshops specially curated and designed to cater to various age groups, across interests like beat-boxing, robotics, Lego workshops, stop motion animation, aeronautics, karate and kick-boxing, storytelling, doodle art and more. There was also a petting zoo which gave li’l ones an opportunity to interact with…

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