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Movie Magic: Frozen 2

Movie Magic: Frozen 2

Movie Magic: Frozen 2

Frozen's long-awaited sequel, Frozen 2, is finally here, and we're celebrating with this very special edition of Movie Magic! Inside this special bookazine, you'll find everything from an exclusive interview with the heads of animation to awesome quizzes and posters. Plus, meet the two new characters coming to Frozen 2: Queen Iduna and Lieutenant Matthias! We're also taking you inside the Frozen attraction at Disney World and behind-the-scenes of Frozen on Broadway.

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celebrating frozen 2

In November of 2013, Disney released its 53rd animated film, Frozen, which tells the tale of two sisters, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa of Arendelle. Elsa’s magical abilities give her the power to create snow and ice, but for most of her life, she’s kept them a secret. Then, on the night of her Coronation, Elsa’s powers are accidentally revealed in front of the entire kingdom and she’s labeled a monster. So Elsa decides to escape to the mountains, not realizing that she’s left Arendelle in an eternal winter. Anna sets out to find her, and what follows is a beautiful story of love and sisterhood, filled with heartfelt moments, incredible songs, and so much more! Fans immediately fell in love with Frozen. It went on to gross nearly $1.3 billion…

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frozen 2 secrets

For the past two and a half years, Frozen 2’s heads of animation Becky Bresee and Tony Smeed have been hard at work on the film. They’ve had songs stuck in their heads, they wake up humming the new music, and they can’t wait for all Frozen fans to watch the new movie. “We haven’t seen a totally finished film yet—that’ll be for the wrap party, which will be fun to see everything done,” Becky tells Movie Magic. Find out what else they spilled! Q We are so excited for Frozen 2! What can you tell us about it? A TONY: It will blow you away—it’s over the top. It’s sort of a new adventure where we left off three years after the first film and pick up at that point. The exciting…

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25 reasons we love olaf

1 He’s clever! In Frozen, when Anna is freezing, he immediately starts a fire to keep her warm. 2 He’s funny! From being impaled to delivering some of the best one-liners (“It’s like a little baby unicorn!”) Olaf can always make us LOL. 3 He gets in the summer mood! Olaf loves all-things hot and is a happy snowman in the summer, and we love how he gets us excited for the warmer months! 4 He gives the best hugs! Olaf gives the warmest hugs around, so we’d pretty much move mountains to be in his toasty arms! 5 He inspires us to dream! You know that Olaf has the biggest imagination, and he inspires us to keep dreaming too. 6 He pays attention to the little things! Olaf’s always there to remind us to stop and smell the flowers—and we…

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spot the difference

6 CHANGES! KEEP SCORE Answers: 1. Olaf’s Left Hand Now Has An Extra Finger; 2. Olaf Is Missing His Second Coal Button; 3. One Twig Is Gone On Olaf’s Head; 4. Laura’s Dress Color Has Changed; 5. The Man Behind Laura Is Gone; 6. Palm Trees To The Right Of Laura Are Gone. 6 CHANGES! KEEP SCORE Answers: 1. One Wheel Spoke Is Missing; 2. The Light On The Left Is Now Off; 3. Elsa’s Lipstick Is Green; 4. Elsa’s Curly Bang Is Now Gone; 5. Anna Is Missing The Flowers On The Torso Of Her Dress; 6. Anna’s Cape Is Missing A Pattern. DAVID MURPHEY/DISNEY PARKS VIA GETTY IMAGES; SHUTTERSTOCK…

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frozen bingo!

How To Play: 1 Carefully cut out the four bingo cards. If you have four players, each person gets one. If you only have two players, each person can get 2! 2 Carefully cut out each of the words. 3 Decide who the caller will be. The caller is the person who selects the words and says them out loud while the players try and fill their board! 4 Grab your bowl and put the words inside. Feel free to fold each one up so the caller can’t see which ones they’re pulling! 5 Time to start the first round of Frozen Bingo! As the caller pulls each word and says it aloud, players search for the word—or photo depicting that word—on their board(s). 6 When you see it on your board, place a coin (or…

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behind the voices

On August 24, 2019, Disney officially revealed the Frozen 2 cast at its D23 Expo, an amazing fan event that takes place every two years in Anaheim, California. While all of the voice actors from the first movie will be returning to their roles, we also learned that there are two new arrivals in Arendelle. Find out more about each actor below! Jonathan Groff as KRISTOFF Fun Fact: Kristoff is actually Jonathan’s first role as a voice actor! He says that he thinks a big reason he was selected is because they were looking for someone who’s voice sounded good with Kristen Bell’s, who’d already been cast as Anna. Quoteable Quote: “When I was 5, I would sit alone in my room and reenact Disney movies. It’s weird that now I’m doing it…