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National Geographic Little Kids January/February 2019

National Geographic Little Kids magazine - perfect for children ages 3 to 6. Irresistible photos and simple text to enhance early reading experiences, along with games, puzzles, and activities, that turn playtime into learning time.

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busy ermines

The ermine darts across the snow. It lives in fields and forests where it is cold most of the year. An ermine looks under rocks for food. It races up and down trees. It twists and turns around bushes. Ermines are busy hunters. They eat squirrels, birds, lemmings, and other small animals. Sometimes an ermine digs a tunnel under the snow. When it finds another animal’s den, the ermine slips inside and catches its dinner. In the summer, an ermine’s fur blends in with plants and rocks. In the winter, it blends in with snow. FOTOREQUEST / SHUTTERSTOCK (CLIMBING); © TOM MANGELSEN / NPL /MINDEN PICTURES (IN SNOW); MICHAEL MESHCHERY / SHUTTERSTOCK (SUMMERCOAT); ERLEND HAARBERG / NPL / MINDEN PICTURES (WINTER COAT)…

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mountain gorillas

Mountain gorillas live in family groups called troops. They live in mountain forests. Every morning the gorilla troop walks through the forest to look for food. The biggest and strongest adult male leads the way. In the afternoon, the adults relax together. The little gorillas play and climb trees. Sometimes the grown-up gorillas join the fun too. NOW SHOWING! GORILLA VIDEO natgeolittlekids.com/january…

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wild cards

arctic fox FUN FACTS This fox’s white winter coat helps it blend in with snow. The arctic fox can sneak up on animals it hunts without being seen. ocelot FUN FACTS An ocelot is about as big as a medium-size dog. A young ocelot lives near its mother until it is two or three years old. Sally Lightfoot crab FUN FACTS Crabs use their claws to scoop, grab, and tear the food they eat. They also use claws to pinch any animal that attacks them. red squirrel FUN FACTS In the fall, red squirrels collect pine cones. The squirrels hide the cones under logs. In the winter, they eat the seeds in the cones. golden snub-nosed monkey FUN FACTS These monkeys live high in the mountains where it is often snowy. They have thick fur that helps keep them warm. common loons FUN FACTS Baby loons sometimes…