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National Geographic Little Kids March/April 2020

National Geographic Little Kids magazine - perfect for children ages 3 to 6. Irresistible photos and simple text to enhance early reading experiences, along with games, puzzles, and activities, that turn playtime into learning time.

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bouncing baby hippos

Baby hippos run, play, and bounce through the water chasing their moms. They even go to the bathroom in the water. During the day, baby hippos sleep in the water with their moms. Sometimes the baby climbs onto its mother’s back to warm up in the sun. At night, the baby follows Mom onto shore to eat grass. Then it is back into the water for another day of sleeping and playing. LEARN MORE ABOUT HIPPOS! natgeolittlekids.com/march…

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orangutans in the trees

An orangutan spends most of its life high in forest trees. Strong hands and feet help it climb. With its long arms, it swings from branch to branch and tree to tree searching for food. Every night, the orangutan builds a new sleeping nest with sticks and leaves. Baby orangutans watch their moms make the nest. Then they cuddle and go to sleep.…

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wild cards

eastern chipmunk FUN FACTS Eastern chipmunks often dig burrows to live in. As they dig into the ground, they fill their cheeks with dirt and carry it away. pipevine swallowtail butterfly FUN FACTS These butterflies eat nectar, a sweet liquid in flowers. One favorite flower is called pipevine, like the butterfly’s name. hippopotamus FUN FACTS Hippopotamuses spend most of the day in rivers or lakes. This keeps them cool. At night they leave the water to eat grass. blue shark FUN FACTS Blue sharks live in the ocean. They eat mostly squid and fish. The sharks swim fast, swishing their tails from side to side. red fox FUN FACTS Red foxes are actually dark gray when they are born. They usually grow a reddish coat when they are about a month old. mountain goat FUN FACTS A baby mountain goat is called a kid. Its mother is…