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editor’s note

It’s rare that people choose a career in the creative industries for the money alone. And yet if you’ve been drawn into a calling like web design or development, it’s still critical to ensure that you’re bringing in enough bucks to guarantee the future success of your business. That’s why, as part of net’s annual money issue, Craig Grannell has asked the experts for advice on ways you can increase your income, unlock new revenue streams, control your cash flow and stay on top of your taxes. Meanwhile, demonstrating that there is some real weight to the old adage ‘time is money’, Ruth Hamilton looks at ways you can improve your workflow and increase the time you spend on profitable tasks. But cash isn’t the only green we’re focusing on in this…

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featured authors

CRAIG GRANNELL Grannell has been smashing words into shape for nearly 20 years. He mostly writes about tech, games and black rectangles but he makes an exception on page 60 to talk about how you can gather more green ones. t: @craiggrannell RUTH HAMILTON Hamilton spent three years on the net team before becoming deputy editor of our sister site, Creative Bloq. She shows off her skills with a piece on growing your workflow on page 66. w: ruthemilyhamilton.wixsite.com/portfolio AHMED ABUELGASIM Abuelgasim is a front-end developer at Potato and has expertise in CSS, JavaScript and Angular. On page 76, he shows you how you can create custom themes for WordPress’s editor Gutenberg. w: hungryphilomath.com REBEKA COSTA BRABO Costa is a content writer at Justinmind, a prototyping tool. She lies awake at night thinking about our collective future, which undoubtedly inspired…

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THIS MONTH FEATURING… ANDREW COULDWELL Originally from Yorkshire, Couldwell is a designer who codes. Now based in New York, he’s worked internationally, in-house and remotely on projects for leading brands, agencies, startups and charities. w: roomfive.net t: @andrewcouldwell MARK ROBBINS Based in Brighton, Robbins is a CSS and email geek who’s given talks globally. He’s product management senior manager at Salesforce. w: codepen.io/M_J_Robbins t: @m_j_robbins QUESTION OF THE MONTH Is there a difference between ‘system design’ and ‘design systems’? Are there any resources to help me get my head round this terminology? Avaya Neal, Portsmouth, UK AC: Yes, ‘system design’ and ‘design systems’ refer to different things. You can design systematically without having a design system. Systematic design is the act of creating reusable and consistent elements and guiding principles – be it a button, text style, carousel or the spacing…

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3 simple steps

Eoin Ward, Edmonton, Canada Google Docs AC: While limited in its scope, Google Docs (within Google Drive) can be a great, simple and accessible tool for documentation or at least give you a solid start. Style guide tools There are many other tools to aid design system documentation and also the design, build and management of design systems. Style Guides (http://styleguides.io/tools) is a good place to search for them. Just be wary of which tools you invest in. Your team is going to invest a lot of time in these tools, so you need to be confident they will still exist a year from now. Sketch When it comes to design, I’m a big fan of Sketch. Sketch’s nested symbols, symbol overrides and Sketch Library are invaluable when working with a system and/or a team.…

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cool stuff we learned this month

88-YEAR-OLD TRIES HER HAND AT CODING Grandma Pamela Sweeney went back to work at her grandson’s firm, Quickfire Digital, to try out coding and website design. Sweeney’s lifelong interest in technology saw her working on one of the earliest computers in the 1960s and 1970s. https://netm.ag/2wNCUmX A11Y: AN URGENT PRIORITY FOR THE PUBLIC SECTOR A11Y regulations due to be introduced in September mean major upgrades for public sector websites and digital platforms, warns Sigma’s Hilary Stephenson. The Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations will require all new public sector websites and apps to meet certain accessibility standards, such as being compatible with speech recognition software. https://netm.ag/2KJqJ2U ITALY OPENS ANTITRUST PROBE INTO GOOGLE Italy’s antitrust authority became the latest international regulatory body to open an anti-competition investigation into Google, after energy company Enel Group complained that Google wouldn’t allow the…

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Side project of the month INFO job: Fulton is a UX designer, coder and tea-room manager at Prototypr.io, a company made with his bare hands and no investors. w: https://prototypr.io t: @graeme_fulton Tell us what Letter does. Letter is a dynamic email tool that redefines the workflow of making a newsletter. It integrates with popular design tools. Start by designing in Adobe XD, Figma or Sketch and then export your artboards straight into Letter as HTML code. Within Letter, there’s a drag-and-drop builder that populates your designs with content at the click of a button. Finally you can send the email using your favourite services. Why did you create it? I don’t believe humans should be doing mundane, robotic tasks. Creating email newsletters happens to have lots of those. It used to take me up to four hours…