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governors who govern

WHEN OUR CURRENT GOVERNORS were sworn in, none of them could have anticipated that they’d one day be closing schools and beaches and daycare centers, explaining R factors to their constituents, fighting for the medical equipment that could keep those constituents alive, giving daily briefings on hospitalizations and death tolls, and canceling graduations and funerals. They also probably never anticipated having quite such a moment in the spotlight. Search YouTube and you’ll find fans of New York governor Andrew Cuomo literally singing his praises: a New York City Opera ode; smitten satirist Randy Rainbow’s “Andy,” in which he identifies as “Cuomosexual”; Missy Modell’s “(I’m Loving) Cuomo,” set to the tune of Britney Spears’s “(You Drive Me) Crazy.” Search Etsy and you’ll find tube socks bearing California governor Gavin Newsom’s face. Ohio governor…

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a slice of heaven

Pizza is so simple, yet so delicious. —OPRAH INTO THE BLUE The denim-on-denim look can be a fashion do: The key is to mix different washes and fabric weights. Here are some fun and fashionable ways to update your jean pool. For even more, turn to “O’s Denim Guide,” page 30.…

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roads less traveled

Alexandra Fuller, WRITER “BE HERE NOW,” PAGE 68 When I travel, I always bring my…thermos flask for tea. My favorite way to get around is…on horseback. I have an old mare called Sunday who has been my soul’s silent partner for nearly 20 years. She has seen me through the birth of a child, the death of a child, the end of a marriage, the start and end of new loves. When all else is lost, I can get lost with Sunday. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been is…Mount Meru in Tanzania. I came across Cape buffalo and colobus monkeys, and slept under a sky so untouched by light, it was as if we’d slipped time. Meghan Rabbitt, WRITER “THE ALZHEIMER’S EPIDEMIC NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT,” PAGE 54 My home away from home…

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this month we wondered…

The Canadian Niagara Falls. Growing up, I took them for granted, but seeing them through a visitor’s eyes is like experiencing them for the first time. DIANE TAYLOR St. Catharines, Ontario The beautiful Fuller Gardens in North Hampton, my hometown. The gardens are its hidden gem. They’re a great place to stop and smell the roses, literally! It’s such a peaceful place to get lost in. I even had my wedding photos taken there. BECKY GUIMONT Bedford, New Hampshire Powell’s City of Books, the largest independent bookstore in the U.S. It occupies a full city block. I take my father when he comes from Ireland to visit me. CARMEL BREATHNACH Portland, Oregon Hagy’s Catfish Hotel restaurant in Shiloh. The catfish, ribs, and hush puppies are always delicious. It opened in 1938 and is still family run. VARAND SEVIER-PRIDE Savannah, Tennessee German Village…

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here we go!

WE HAVE HERE, AND WE HAVE NOW, AND THAT’S SOMETHING WORTH CELEBRATING. THIS SPRING WAS like no other, and none of us is sure what fall will bring. But we have here, and we have now, and that’s something worth celebrating. I don’t mean it’s time to start a conga line; I just believe this summer can and should be a time to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. For me, nothing says summer like ripe, juicy peaches. I use them in one of my all-time favorite salads (page 97). I also love cooking outdoors, and this month we’re exploring all the grilling you can do beyond the basics—everything from watermelon to, yes, pizza (page 86). After a marvelous meal, it’s time to feed your spirit. A good story takes you to parts…

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the high five

Turning the Tide The ocean’s trash is Washed Ashore’s treasure. Volunteers at the Oregon arts nonprofit have used 25 tons of discarded flip-flops, bottle caps, toys, and other beach debris to create more than 80 larger-than-life sculptures of marine animals whose health is endangered by plastic pollution. Learn how you can lend a hand (and where Daisy the Polar Bear, Priscilla the Parrotfish, and the gang will be exhibited next) at washedashore.org. The Notorious L.O.C. Think hip-hop and the Library of Congress have nothing in common? You haven’t checked out Citizen DJ, an interactive tool that lets you make your own beats using 32,000 samples (and counting) from the library’s audio and video collections, including a recording of Franklin D. Roosevelt addressing Congress, the tinkly score of a 1900 silent film about a…