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O, The Oprah Magazine November 2020

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be my guest

For this month’s cover, Oprah kicked off the holiday entertaining season with an elegant outdoor spread at her home in Santa Barbara. Flowers were arranged, the table was set, the wine was chilled, and Oprah was ready to play the part of haute hostess. The only thing missing? Guests—including the one who knows how to arrange all the others. “If I were really having a party, I’d leave the seating assignments to Gayle,” said Oprah. “She knows who to put next to whom, and everyone always has such a great time—it’s truly a skill.” At the end of the day, the crew sat down to celebrate a successful shoot. Then Oprah raised a glass: “Here’s to O.” I think we need a little private wine tasting.—OPRAH CREAM OF THE CROP As Oprah shows…

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giving thanks

Cheryl Slocum RECIPE DEVELOPER “A CONSCIOUS PLENTY,” PAGE 94 I am forever indebted to…my mother, for giving me enough room to do my own thing and guiding me in the kitchen. I’m lucky that I’m able to…speak up for others when they can’t. A little thing I appreciate is… the very early morning, just as the birds begin to sing. Jennifer Chen WRITER “THE BEAUTY OF GIVING,” PAGE 22 Every day I feel thankful that…I have access to healthy food, whether from my garden, local farmers’ markets, or grocery stores. A little thing I appreciate is… snuggling with my pug, Chewie, for a quick nap. He takes sleep very seriously. I’m lucky that I’m able to…do what I love: interview amazing people, research, and write. My childhood dream was to live in the library, and…

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q this month we wondered…

The nurses taking care of my mom in a hospital in a foreign country until I can get there to help. I am not able to due to Covid-19.KARIMATA BAH New York CityThat I live in a country where our leaders listen to the scientists and health professionals.LORI SIMEUNOVIC Oakville, OntarioThe beautiful outdoors. I only knew the gym before. Now I have all kinds of animal friends I see during my workouts. There’s a squirrel that greets me each morning—same place, same time. The alignment that comes from that bond has surprised and delighted me.DEANA JEAN KELLER HollywoodThe divorce I never expected. It’s allowed me to become the strong, wise, sassy, fun, and sexy woman I never knew was hiding inside!JODI JOHNSON Maple Grove, MinnesotaMy dad’s lung cancer diagnosis. At…

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here we go!

IT’S VITAL THAT WE PAY ATTENTION TO THE EVERYDAY BLESSINGS THAT ARE SO EASY TO TAKE FOR GRANTED. AS I WRITE THIS, Black lives have yet to matter in the way they should. Meanwhile, climate change, the pandemic, massive unemployment, and gun violence continue to wreak havoc. So how can we possibly speak of gratitude, let alone devote much of this issue to the subject (starting on page 76)? I think the better question is how can we not? It’s more vital than ever that we pay attention to the everyday blessings that are so easy to take for granted, because sometimes a stranger slowing down to let you merge onto the highway actually does make a difference. It’s also time to extend our respect by honoring the Indigenous people of this…

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bubba wallace

To celebrate 20 years of O, each month we’re spotlighting a remarkable person who is changing the way we look at our world. BUBBA WALLACE AND I have been friends for almost 15 years. But in all the hours we’ve spent together, we’d never deeply discussed the challenges he’s faced as the only African American driver in NASCAR’S Cup Series. Then in February, Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down while jogging. The video of that incident sparked something in me, as it did for the nation and the world, and I called Bubba. In the conversation that followed, I learned so much about what he’s experienced as an African American man. As he says, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a race car driver or Joe Blow. You go through the same things.”…

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the o quiz

1. Who is your hero? Lewis Hamilton, a six-time Formula One world champion. He’s also the only Black driver in his series, and he’s been vocal about racial injustice. 2. What’s the one thing in life you’re so happy you did? That I stood up for what’s right. 3. What makes you cry? I’ve cried at the track—when I finished second at my first Daytona 500, and at the Talladega Superspeedway when other drivers and crew pushed my car to the front of the starting grid. It meant so much to me to feel that love and support. 4. What’s most important for your mental health? Music. I decided to learn to play the drums, which is the best medicine. For me, at least—maybe not so much for those around me! 5. Who’s the…