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O, The Oprah Magazine December 2020

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teamwork made the dream work

CREATING AN ISSUE of O, The Oprah Magazine involves many things, including: working with brilliant writers, commissioning heart-stopping photography, sampling soft pj’s, reading genius new novels, tracking breakthrough research, comparing mascaras, taste-testing cakes, and puzzling out a mix of stories each month that will inspire and delight. It also means brainstorming, sharing, and laughing with our editorial director, Oprah Winfrey. To say we are grateful doesn’t come close to covering it. After 20 years and 245 issues of O, the magazine you’ve known is coming to an end. But new adventures are about to begin. In the meantime, on behalf of the current team, I offer you this: It has been our humbling privilege to produce these pages with you in mind—the most energizing, thoughtful, hopeful, wonderful readership any publication…

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welcome to favorite things, zoom edition!

I really believe the best thing we can give is our gratitude. But a peach cobbler pie is pretty great, too!—OPRAH…

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what is your wildest dream for 2021?

To move to Canada (which I was supposed to do in April 2020) and open a chocolate shop.ANNMARIE KOSTYK Valparaiso, IndianaTO BE ABLE TO FINALLY ADOPT OUR TWO FOSTER SONS.ELVA ALVARADO Lakewood, CaliforniaTo meet the first responder in Seattle who kept giving me CPR despite those around him saying I was dead. I didn’t breathe for seven minutes, but he didn’t stop. I came alive with a new outlook of kindness, joy, and deep love for all I encounter.PHYLLIS KAUFMANN Round Rock, TexasTo quit my academic publishing job, move back to New York City, and create a scholarship fund for Black women over 35.ERICA WOODS TUCKER Raleigh, North CarolinaTo make all agriculture regenerative so we have more resilient systems to fight climate change and ensure biodiversity, working toward a zero-hunger…

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a festive 12-day give-o-way

HOW TO ENTER Step 1 Find the 12 icons pictured here scattered throughout the pages of this issue. There’s one for each day of the sweepstakes. Step 2 Once a day from November 25 to December 6, enter for a chance to win at oprahmag.com/12days-2020 by typing in the special code found on that day’s icon. Entering daily increases your chances of winning. The fun officially begins November 25 at 12:01 a.m. ET! For short rules, see page 135. SPECIAL THANKS TO: FedEx Office is the official packing and shipping provider for Oprah’s Favorite Things. For all your holiday packing and shipping needs, visit fedexoffice.com. Gift wrap for Oprah’s Favorite Things is provided by Greentop Gifts. For packaging with pizzazz, go to greentopgifts.com.…

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you know what

BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO SUPPORT BLACK LIVES, WE’VE FOUND DOZENS OF GORGEOUS GIFTS FROM BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES. December means: It’s time for—drumroll, please—Favorite Things! But this year there’s a twist. Because so many people want to support Black lives any way they can, we’ve found dozens of absolutely gorgeous gifts from Black-owned businesses that deserve to be celebrated. Start your shopping spree on page 43. Recent medical advances are also cause for some major celebration. Yes, you really did read “medical” and “celebration” in the same sentence. For proof that the pandemic isn’t the only thing happening in the world of health these days, turn to page 85. As for food, we’ve got cookies (page 124) and we’ve got turnips (page 131). I’ll let you decide which recipes to look at first,…

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the next generation

WHEN 21-YEAR-OLD Katie Eder was in fourth grade, her gym teacher made the boys and girls play separately. Eder was not a fan. “I always thought the boys had more fun, so I convinced my class to get the teacher to let us play together,” she says. “That was my introduction to the power an individual has to inspire collective action.” Now Eder, who founded or cofounded three nonprofits before she even started her freshman year at Stanford, is executive director of Future Coalition, a national network of youth activists. And there are plenty like her these days: Eder and her peers are making their voices heard, whether they’re agitating, creating, or innovating. Though young people have always been at the forefront of revolution, today’s up-and-coming generation is fueled by both…