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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition

Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition

Xmas 2020

Official PlayStation Magazine is the complete guide to PlayStation gaming, offering complete coverage of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Famed for our trademark biting opinion, unique spin on news, offbeat, innovative features, independent reviews and retro features - and with PS4 the unquestionable victor for new-gen gaming - there's never been a better time to join Team OPM on our PlayStation journey.

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United Kingdom
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in the box

“WITH A CONSOLE THIS POWERFUL, PLAY REALLY DOES HAVE NO LIMITS.” SUPER-FAST GAMING PS5 features custom CPU, GPU, and SSD tech, along with integrated I/O that changes what a PlayStation is capable of doing. Expect near-instant load times, with PS5 games created to make use of the SSD to create gameplay we’ve never experienced before. RAY TRACING Rays of light are individually simulated to create realistic shadows and reflections, making videogame worlds that offer never-before-experienced depth and subtlety. UPGRADE YOUR COLLECTION Existing PS4 games can be upgraded to take advantage of PS5’s SSD, ray tracing, and other features. Turn to p96 to see those that are coming soon. GOING BACK PS5 supports almost all PS4 games from day one. This means thousands of fantastic games straight out of the box. 120 VISION Some games, such as Devil May Cry 5…

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hard facts

THE POWER Housed inside PS5 is a whopping great 350w power unit. It offers an energy-saving suspend-to-RAM mode that reduces power to 0.5w when paused. KEEPING COOL There are flats in London smaller than this. PS5 is ultra-cool because its heat sink is huge, and emulates vapour chamber cooling. It takes up around 40% of the console. FIN OUT The large white covers that surround PS5 can be removed easily by unscrewing a bolt and unclipping the covers. We expect to see replacement covers being sold eventually. WE’RE FANS The large cooling fan draws in air from both sides of the console – it’s 120mm in diameter and 45mm thick. You can vacuum dust from two small holes to prevent build up inside. DISC SPUN The Blu-ray drive is quieter than those in previous PlayStations. This is because the…

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ten things we love about ps5

The big boy is finally here. Now that PlayStation 5 has officially arrived at OPM Towers, it’s time to better acquaint you with its finer details. Measuring just under 40cm tall, 26cm deep, and 10cm wide when stood upright, it’s heftier than even PS4 Pro. It may not fit snugly on your media shelf but we think it more than deserves a prime position of its own. Here are ten things we love about Sony’s funky white box. IT’S REALLY FAST PS5’s curved wings conceal some serious power, all but wiping out load screens in launch title Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Hop on the subway in Harlem and, after a fleeting fade to black, you’ll pop up in the Financial District so quickly you won’t even have had enough time to sip your…

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home screen

The PlayStation Store no longer has its own app. Everything is now on a tab on the home screen, making it more accessible. It includes some personalised content, and will still feature PS4 games that are backwards-compatible. Similar to the news card in the Control Centre, you can access a screen of the latest news for games you follow. This is a great way to pull up the latest trailers instantly and check out big announcements without having to go through other apps just to watch a video. Scroll on the home screen with a game selected, and the activities from the Control Centre will be right there for you to select from the minute you turn on your console. This area will also collect news and community-created content about the game. The…

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coming home

Over our many years of game playing we’ve learned that while it sounds dull, the UI can make or break a game, and even an entire console system. These days, with consoles being entire lifestyle machines – collecting multiple games digitally, allowing you to meet with friends, browse trophies, and even watch online videos and TV shows – how we interact with them is more important than ever. PlayStation 5 gives Sony a great opportunity to expand on what worked on PS4, and change the things that could be better. The home screen UI matches the tech in the box, making the most of the crisp sharpness that 4K allows, while also using the extra power to provide a seamless experience. Mid-game, you can pull up the ‘Control Centre’, which integrates over…

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control centre

“CHAT WHILE VIEWING A PICTURE-IN-PICTURE DISPLAY OF YOUR FRIEND’S GAME.” Activities can be represented directly on cards for games that support the feature. This means you can instantly load a level from this menu, or see how far through to completion you are (with an average playtime left). Named the Control Centre, this smart bar can pop up on screen without interrupting your game. This seamless mixing of windows allows you to hop into regular party groups and share what you’re playing with friends. You can chat while viewing a picture-in-picture display of your friend playing something else while you play your own game, or join them in an online game, which takes only a few seconds to boot up. These cards give you extra information at a glance, again without interrupting anything. That’s…