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swat fuel is on a mission

SWAT Fuel is a science-based supplement line to support occupational athletes. The combat physiology behind creator Dr. Dan Olesnicky, M.D.’s, products, is fighting the biological time cells in our bodies (telomeres). This comprehensive line of popular sports nutrition supplements; originally developed to provide energy and endurance to military, law enforcement, and shift workers, efficiently provides the nutrients that our bodies need for optimal performance, while using and maintaining energy. The occupational athlete is an individual required to physically perform at the level of an athlete during their job. Physically demanding occupations, such as the police force, military, fire fighters, nursing, can often place the body under extreme stress. Obviously, this ongoing stress can accelerate the deterioration of the body internally, along with the visible signs of aging we see externally, thus…

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in to the wild

Intense physical demands and a basic diet were the reasons early man was amazingly fit. He was lean, muscular and tough; hunting with primitive weapons such as spears, arrows and rocks. His very existence depended on quick response to fight or flight situations, such as crawling, climbing, jumping and running. Vigorous and intense day to day activity created his functional physique; a body most of us can achieve, if we try. Modern man, on the other hand, usually works at a sedentary job and is faced with countless demands for his time. He struggles to stay in shape, lucky if he can manage enough time to workout; and more often than not, those workouts that aren’t making the big difference he had expected. Any fitness-training regimen can produce relatively dramatic results for…

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get out

Look at man’s past for the best ways to get fit and live healthy, doing things the old-fashioned way such as carrying logs and running. The consequences of living in a modern, technologically enhanced world is undermining both your body and your mind. In an ongoing effort to make ourselves more comfortable, we’ve lost out on the most essential component of health and happiness: direct interaction with nature. We no longer take time to run and jump and roll around on the ground, shoes now shield our feet from the sensory input of grounding and artificial light throws off our biological rhythm — interfering with our appetite and our health. We press buttons and press gas pedals rather than physically move our bodies around. We’re captives of an alien environment that’s…

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being aware

Walking, squatting and climbing; carrying and lifting; balancing, throwing, leaping and running form the basis of a wild workout. Combining movements in fast, exciting and unpredictable sequences results in long underused kinetic chains and neurological circuits sparking back to life. Your body grows stronger and your mind sharper. Moving quickly while being aware of obstacles such as logs and boulders around you requires an acute, dynamic awareness of your body and the environment. Moving over varied terrain, exercising on grassy fields or running trails demands a moment-to-moment responsiveness from your entire body that you don’t get walking on firm, flat surfaces. Such challenges to perception, balance and spatial awareness make wild workouts an excellent way to improve your ability to accurately and efficiently sense where you are in space relative to the…

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wild workouts

All too often, in our quest to achieve, we gravitate toward workouts we don’t enjoy, believing we have to suffer to meet our goals. But wild workouts emphasize a sense of fun and that’s essential to succeed. When running up a steep rocky trail, you can’t simply push the stop button if you get tired. Wild workouts may not appeal to everyone — the lack of structure is a turnoff for those who prefer the predictability of leg day and upper body day on this day or that day. Wild workouts require forethought and creativity. If you’re having a tough time on that exercise bike, you can simply lower the resistance, nature isn’t so forgiving. The solution to wild workouts are to take them slow and gradual, don’t just go outside and…

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Grounding is controversial; some say it’s nonsense, others say it works. The theory behind it is simple; the earth has a mild negative charge to it. From day-to-day, you build up a positive charge in your cells — which is not a good thing. Back when we were walking around barefoot and sleeping on the ground, this wasn’t an issue; direct contact with the earth canceled out the positive charge and left us neutral. But now that we wear rubber-soled shoes and sleep indoors, we’re insulated from the earth and our body doesn’t return to neutral. We just keep building up a positive charge, which has the potential of sapping our energy causing inflammation and disease. The earth is like a gigantic battery that contains natural and very subtle electrical charges.…