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swat fuel is on a mission

SWAT Fuel is a science-based supplement line to support occupational athletes. The combat physiology behind creator Dr. Dan Olesnicky, M.D.’s, products, is fighting the biological time cells in our bodies (telomeres). This comprehensive line of popular sports nutrition supplements; originally developed to provide energy and endurance to military, law enforcement, and shift workers, efficiently provides the nutrients that our bodies need for optimal performance, while using and maintaining energy. The occupational athlete is an individual required to physically perform at the level of an athlete during their job. Physically demanding occupations, such as the police force, military, fire fighters, nursing, can often place the body under extreme stress. Obviously, this ongoing stress can accelerate the deterioration of the body internally, along with the visible signs of aging we see externally, thus…

21 min.
bigger, stronger biceps

Building bigger stronger biceps is priority number one for many of us. But sticking to simple dumbbell curls won’t cut it. Your body quickly adapts to what you force it to do, so for your biceps to grow you’ve got to work them beyond their comfort zone — you’ve got to shock them. Biceps (yes, it’s always plural) are composed of a long and a short head, both of which handle moves such as flexing and curling, pushing and pulling. The biceps are the most favored area of our bodies to show off. Whether you’re wearing a shirt or tank a top, huge biceps are impressive. To help you on your way, we’ve assembled a variety of moves designed to hit both the long and short heads. FLEXING HELPS BUILD BICEPS Does flexing build muscle…

7 min.
sweet justice

As human beings, we’ve had the same amount of teeth in our mouth for thousands of years, yet in the past century, it seems that more and more people have gone from having just one sweet tooth to a whole mouthful of them! Unfortunately, as our love for sugar has gradually increased over the years, so have our waistlines, which has lead us to find new, low calorie, chemically based sugar alternatives. However, research is continuing to show us that these sweet poisons have an even worse fate for us than a spare tire around our waist or a mouth full of cavities. It appears that these sweeteners actually cause cancer. Aspartame unraveled Chemically, aspartame is a combination of three substances: two amino acids, phenylalanine and aspartate; and methanol, otherwise known as wood…

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products containing aspartame

Crystal light Nutrasweet Fanta diet has aspartame Lifesavers Diet Pepsi Kool-aid has aspartame Jello Habla Bobbla chewing gum. Extra chewing gum has aspartame Diet coke, Sprite zero Coca Cola zero Tango, 7up free Diet Fanta Dr. pepper Zero Fanta orange Dannon Activa cherry Options Hot Chocolate Drink Cadburys Highlights Silver Spoon Light Granulated Sugar Uncle Benís Sweet and Sour Light Wrigley’s Extra Wrigley’s Orbit Wrigleys Airwaves Weight Watchers Toffee and Vanilla Weight Watchers Fromage Frais (Pepsi and Coke are two of the biggest abusers)…

7 min.
the food business

Does your food come from the feedlot or the pasture? Do you even know? And why does it matter? Research spanning three decades supports the argument that grass-fed beef has a more desirable SFA lipid profile, is higher in conjugated linoleic acid isomers, and is higher in precursors for vitamin A and E and cancer-fighting antioxidants such as GT and SOD activity as compared to grain-fed contemporaries. What does that mean? Although grass-fed beef is a better choice, grain-feeding is common in feedlot operations. And there is more to the issue than just the grass versus grain issue. The other huge issue is the stress factor. Every hunter on the planet knows that a stressed animal tastes worse than a non-stressed animal. The same is true for animals in food operations. The stress level…

1 min.
food for profit

The good guys in the food market are still the organic food producers. You can generally feel safer buying something in your organic food area than anywhere else in a store. Yes, you do need to exercise due diligence, but you will find the best food products in the health food section of your store. Many health food companies are committed to excellence. Lakewood Organic is one example of a company that puts out a superb product. Purity Foods is another, and so is Bob’s Red Mill products. The bad guys would be those that mass produces food with an eye totally on profit. These companies are the ones who have come up (and put into products) bad elements such as high-fructose corn syrup, trans-fat and interesterified fat, among others. Who…