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OnFitness July/August 2019

OnFitness® magazine is for men and women who are passionate about achieving optimal health and fitness. Our editions are packed full of valuable information from authorities on fitness, health and nutrition.

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MUSCLE BUILDING ENDURANCE CARDIO NUTRITION ONFITNESS® MAGAZINE is proud to bring you the most cutting edge personal training magazine for fitness professionals and serious athletes, just like you. Inside each issue of OnFitness® you’ll find what matters to you, your career, and your clients’ success. We bring you up-to-date information backed by science. Each issue is packed full of cutting edge workouts, nutritional insights, client motivation strategies, along with business and career tools. But we won’t stop there. We will also feature inspiring trainers and fitness professionals discussing their experiences and the rewards it has brought them personally and professionally. An extraordinary magazine Packed full of fitness and nutritional information you can trust. Incredible information. No Hype. No misinformation. Written by the world’s top trainers, doctors, educators. Only the truth by real experts. Subscribe…

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swat fuel is on a mission

SWAT Fuel is a science-based supplement line to support occupational athletes. The combat physiology behind creator Dr. Dan Olesnicky, M.D.’s, products, is fighting the biological time cells in our bodies (telomeres). This comprehensive line of popular sports nutrition supplements; originally developed to provide energy and endurance to military, law enforcement, and shift workers, efficiently provides the nutrients that our bodies need for optimal performance, while using and maintaining energy. The occupational athlete is an individual required to physically perform at the level of an athlete during their job. Physically demanding occupations, such as the police force, military, fire fighters, nursing, can often place the body under extreme stress. Obviously, this ongoing stress can accelerate the deterioration of the body internally, along with the visible signs of aging we see externally, thus…

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strong beautiful buttocks

When it comes to the king of skeletal muscles and the majority of sports performance, your butt is at the top of the list. Functioning, as a powerful hip extender, your butt is critical for sprinting, jumping and changing direction. With this important role in performance, the importance of training it goes without saying. There are many exercises that efficiently target your butt, and there are those that only look like they do, but in fact, are not that effective. Certainly, the list of potential butt builders is endless, but lets focus on the common butt building exercises of the squat, deadlift variants, good morning, butt-ham raise, hyperextension, and weighted butt bridge. Squats and deadlifts Probably the most cited exercises for effective butt training are the squat and deadlift. But these exercises must be…

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squeeze your butt

As you walk on a treadmill, learn to squeeze your butt muscles with every step. You can do this on the elliptical machine, stair climber and even a bike. Eventually, this technique can even be done while you’re walking or jogging. It’s such a simple concept, but learning to squeeze while you walk forces a much stronger muscle contraction and results in obtaining an eighty percent more effective workout. Same weight, just more muscle contraction, and it’s safer than adding more weight. Mixing in some exercises during cardio is another great way to tighten up the butt muscles and make them respond faster than just simply walking on a treadmill. Follow every five minutes of cardio with deep knee squats. It’s simple but it mixes up the cardio and forces more…

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clean living versus big pharma

The real enemy of Big Pharma is clean living. Millions of Americans are popping prescription pills for innocuous ills when simple lifestyle changes in diet and exercise are more effective and a lot cheaper. The results of pill dependence are insidious and devastating: billions of dollars in ever-higher drug costs; millions of people enduring sometimes highly toxic side effects; and close to two million cases each year of drug complications that result in one hundred eighty thousand deaths or life-threatening illnesses. Big Pharma wants us to believe that the real problem is under medication. They want us to believe that medicating symptoms is a good substitute for actually treating or curing the causes of illness and disease. Our current health system treats medical emergencies and the symptoms of illness and disease well…

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can fish oil slow aging?

Scientists say that the omega-3 fatty acids (the good fat) from fish oil may very well be the true elixir of lifespan extension. You’ve heard that fish oil supplements are part of a healthy heart arsenal, as well as help fight age-related mental decline and macular degeneration. Now, it’s being shown that fish oil fights old age — by slowing the rate at which telomeres shorten. Telomeres are “caps” at the tips of chromosome bundles. Every time a cell divides, telomeres shorten. In old cells, telomeres are mere nubs. Think of telomeres as bookends for chromosome bundles, keeping the “books” organized and tidy. Researches believe there is a connection between the shortening of telomeres and the aging process. Scientists studied 608 outpatients with heart disease. The length of telomeres in the patients’…