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MUSCLE BUILDING ENDURANCE CARDIO NUTRITION OnFitness® Magazine is proud to bring you the most cutting edge personal training magazine for fitness professionals, fitness enthusiasts and serious athletes, just like you. Inside each issue of OnFitness® you’ll find what matters to you. We bring you up-to-date information backed by science. Each issue is packed full of cutting edge workouts, nutritional insights, client motivation strategies. But we won’t stop there. We will also feature inspiring trainers and fitness professionals discussing their experiences and the rewards it has brought them personally and professionally. AN EXTRAORDINARY MAGAZINE Packed full of fitness and nutritional information you can trust. Incredible information. No Hype. No misinformation. Written by the world’s top trainers, doctors, educators. Only the truth by real experts. SUBSCRIBE ONLINE onfitnessmag.com…

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Why you should subscribe It’s fun, refreshing and an amazing reading experience. OnFitness is a highly regarded publication for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts with a natural approach to health and fitness. It’s the most comprehensive personal training magazine in its category and enjoys high approval ratings from readers by providing accurate information and education to help you achieve results. OnFitness combines dynamic personal training articles, informative organic nutrition education, and unbiased editorial you can trust. OnFitness Digital Magazine A one-year subscription (six editions) is only $24.99 SPECIAL OFFER Print/digital combination package available. Check it out. VISIT US ONLINE AT OnFitnessmag.com…

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out of gym training

Always stretch before working out Stretching before exercise improves your flexibility, which increases the ability of your joints to move through their full range of motion; in other words, how far you can bend, twist and reach. Different types of stretches include the static stretch, stretching your muscles to the point of mild discomfort and holding that position for at least thirty seconds; dynamic stretches, performing gentle repetitive movements, such as arm swings, where you gradually increase the range of motion; ballistic or bouncing stretches which involve going into a stretch and performing bouncing or jerking movements to increase your range of motion. THE SPUR-OF-THE-MOMENT CHALLENGE Being sporadic: jumping, squatting, dropping, pushing, pulling, sprinting, dipping, and stretching; anytime and anywhere. No matter where you go, there you are. Spontaneous training is a spur-of-the-moment physical…

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how to survive an epidemic

Worst case scenario When a pandemic hits, it quickly spreads shutting down many services because people will choose to stay at home and protect themselves from the threat of infection rather than risk their lives. This creates a domino effect. Hospitals and care facilities will quickly become over-crowded. Hospital employees, whether medical, food, janitorial, or administrative staff will unintentionally bring the virus home. Gas stations will shut down as employees are afraid to return to work. Store shelves will quickly empty and trucks will not have enough gas to replenish goods. Medical supplies will become exhausted. Water and electricity grids, even the post office and services such as FedEx will grind to a halt. ATMs will likely be shut down or out of money. Pandemics are usually associated with pandemonium due to panic. The…

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your body’s immune system

Every single minute of every single day, a highly evolved, rigorously trained and unflinchingly brutal force is unleashed in your body, patrolling around every organ, tissue, nook, and cranny and coursing through the blood and lymph. Any particle, organism, bacteria, virus or cell that is not recognized by this force is immediately engulfed, destroyed or marked for destruction. There is no compromising with this force. It is your immune system, and it is one of the most complex and elegant systems in all of nature. Immune system basics The immune system is a broad term for a set of cells, their signaling molecules and compounds, the antibodies they produce, and the organs and tissues associated with them. Its job is to protect you from bacteria, viruses and parasites; to help you heal in…

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how to fight viruses naturally

If you answer “yes” to only one of the following questions, it’s time to take a hard look at what kind of immune system you have. Do you get the flu or a cold more than once a year? The mere sniffles don’t count. Are your lymph nodes (where a physician feels under your chin along your jawline toward your neck) chronically swollen? Are you almost always tired? Do you suffer from frequent skin infections? Do you often get cold sores? Do you take a long time to heal from illness? Are your mucous membranes chronically irritated? If you suspect a compromised immune system, consider visiting a licensed naturopathic physician who can treat you without drugs. Numerous factors can weaken your immune system including imbalances in exercise, diet, work, relationships, hormones, stress,…