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Parents Latina helps you raise healthy, happy multicultural kids who are rooted in your family's heritage even as they shape America's future.

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editor’s letter

HolidayHappiness TO SAY THAT my kids love this time of year is an understatement. They live for the twinkly lights, yummy treats, festive playlists, and, of course, the presents. Last Christmas, they extended the holiday cheer by collecting pine needles from our tree just as it made its exit and saving them in a little box for when they needed a pick-me-up. “The Christmas sniff,” as they call it, is the antidote to tears in my house. Eva will break it out whenever her little sis, Stella, is upset. And guess what? It’s been known to do the trick. I think my girls are onto something. A few years back, researchers out of Denmark conducted a study positing that “Christmas cheer” may be an emotion in the brain that can be activated…

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Hope for the Future Patience, Mami! This year has been challenging, to say the least, but better times are ahead. Our Annual Values Survey is proof positive that your kids propel you forward every day. And when you lead with love, everything else falls into place. Read on. 71% of you say … I’m an excellent or a very good mom. “[Parenthood] has given me a sense of purpose.—MOM OF TWO, 40 THE PANDEMIC HAS … 86% strengthened my relationship with my kids. 45% strengthened my relationship with my partner. BIG ISSUES I WORRY ABOUT: 93% racism and discrimination 92% climate change 88% sexism 77% Saving for my child’s college is my biggest money worry. SINCE HAVING KIDS, MY MENTAL HEALTH IS … 38% better. 21% worse. 53% I’d like more flexibility in hours or the ability to work from home. “I tend to overthink things on my own.…

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ages + stages

HEY, DJ! PLAY THAT SONG Kids who grew up listening to music together with their parents reported better relationships with them when they reached young adulthood, according to a study published in the Journal of Family Communication. So take advantage of the most festive time of the year and pump up the volume. Singing and dancing are highly encouraged! —JENNIFER KING LINDLEY BABY When Babies Can’t Breastfeed Your little one can have a hard time nursing for many reasons—the shape of your breast or nipples, a slight tongue-tie, or just disinterest. “Despite being a doctor and working with patients all the time to get babies back on the breast, I wasn’t able to with either of my kids,” says Jessica Grant, M.D., a pediatrician in New York City, who pumped and bottle-fed breast milk for…

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medicine cabinet essentials

PAIN RELIEVERS The two main players for OTC relief are acetaminophen and ibuprofen—better known to most of us by brand names like Tylenol and Advil. Depending on your child’s age or ailment or the med’s side effects, you might opt for one or both. Kids’ versions of acetaminophen can be taken starting at 2 months; ibuprofen at 6 months. Each can be given every six hours, and for extended relief, you can alternate the two every three hours. How much your kid takes is based on weight, not age, so ask your doctor for specifics if you need them. ACETAMINOPHEN You can use this for kid headaches, sprains, fractures, and fever. But treat discomfort, not a number on the thermometer; if your kid has a fever but is happy and playing, there’s…

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turn the pages

1 Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls Written by Kaela Rivera Our kid reviewers admired the adventurous spirit of Cece, a Mexican American tween who learns forbidden magic to save her sister. No matter what happens, “Cece is still herself and follows her heart,” said Auggie, 9. Ages 8 to 12 2 El Toro & Friends: Tag Team Written and illustrated by Raúl the Third, colors by Elaine Bay Two wrestling pals join forces to clean up the stadium in this vibrantly illustrated beginning reader. Parents appreciated the cultural details and message of teamwork. Ages 4 to 7 3 Definitely Dominguita: Knight of the Cape Written by Terry Catasús Jennings, illustrated by Fátima Anaya In the first book of this fast-paced new series, the Cuban American title character “goes on a roller coaster of adventures, some big,…

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a muy merry christmas!

THE HOLIDAYS START NOW SPREAD A LITTLE KINDNESS … 1 Assemble a Self-care Package. Create a soothing bundle for your local heroes (teachers, frontline workers, delivery drivers …), complete with wellness musts, like bath bombs and candles. 2 Send Some Snail Mail. Give your kid postcards, stamps, pens, spelling advice, and free rein to make a few people’s days. 3 Think up Secret Mini Donations. Have your child put quarters in a vending machine’s coin return or come with you to a store’s layaway counter to put money toward someone’s bill. Research has shown that seeing others give can be contagious. 4 Leave an Anonymous Nice Message. Next time you return a library book, tuck a note between the pages. What should it say, you ask? Anything from “Feliz holidays” to “Hope you love this libro as much as…