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shipping forecast

The first Pillars of Eternity was at the spearhead of a movement for veteran developers, using crowdfunding platforms to make games that harkened back to the roleplaying games of old. It was technological ambition married to retro scope, mixing innovation and nostalgia. The old Infinity Engine inspiration is still apparent, but Deadfire looks to embrace modern technology and new ideas. Turn to page 40 to learn more. phil.savage@futurenet.com @Octaeder TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Tweet us @PCGamer…

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even more war

It’s turning out to be a busy year for Creative Assembly. The developer has announced its next grand strategy game, due this autumn. Called Total War: Three Kingdoms, the game is CA’s first foray into Chinese history. As the name suggests, it’s set during China’s Three Kingdoms period—starting around 190 AD, in the final years of the Han dynasty. The era is a snug fit for Total War’s brand of intrigue and warmongering: It’s one of the bloodiest in Chinese history. The tyrannical warlord Dong Zhuo has seized the capital of Luoyang, and installed child-emperor Liu Xie as a puppet. Against this threat, three heroes rise and the warlords of the great families take up arms. It’s a mythologized period of history, thanks in no small part to Romance of the Three…

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highs & lows

HIGHS AGDQ The charity speedrunning marathon raised over $2 million this year, and featured great runs of Resi 7 and Opposing Force. Two Point Hospital Ex-Bullfrog and Lionhead veterans are teaming up for a new Theme Hospital-style management sim. Vive Pro Due out this spring, the upgraded Vive boasts a 2880x1600 resolution. Is this the shot in the arm VR needs? Cyberpunk 2077 After four years of silence, the Twitter for CD Projekt’s next game tweets one word: “Beep”. The internet goes wild. LOWS PC Gamer Podcast Apologies for the hiatus over Christmas. We promise to do better in 2018. Steam Valve’s Alden Kroll confirms a Steam UI update is still in the works. Frankly, it’s long overdue. Cryptocurrency Mining has driven graphics card prices through the roof, making prebuilt systems a more attractive option. Intel CPU speeds were hit by patches designed to combat Meltdown and…

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digital tributes

Hacking other players to pieces across maps set in rural Japan, you might see Hanako: Honor & Blade as just another multiplayer combat game. However, what creative director Matt Canei sees—and has infused into every aspect of the game—is a playable representation of his mother’s battle with cancer. The red forces of the Hanako clan represent his mother, and are depicted as possessing areas of cel-shaded beauty. The name ‘Hanako’ even means ‘flower child’, a reference to her love of gardening. Meanwhile, levels belonging to the green samurai of the Yamai clan represent disease and death. “It can be a bit rattling to take my pain and anger and transform it into a game world,” Canei says. “On the flip side, that is balanced by very beautiful scenes that brought…

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hidden in plain sight

1 SKY ROGUE Describing the game as a ‘fwooshy rogue-lite action flight simulator’, developer Kenny Backus added a dedication in the game’s credits to his grandfather, a flight instructor in World War 2. 2 GEARS OF WAR Shooting a window after a co-op spotlight section in the original Gears of War will change the neon sign of a gas station to “Gab’s”—the name of lead level designer Lee Petty’s wife. 3 PERCEPTION The storyline is inspired by one of director Bill Gardner’s ancestors, Susannah Martin. According to the credits, Martin was accused of witchcraft twice before being found guilty and hanged in 1692. 4 DEADLIEST CATCH: ALASKAN STORM Designer James Youngman set the dates for discrete missions to match the birthdays of friends and family. He continues to add tributes to people he cares about in his…

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inside death of the outsider

God-killing might sound like an ambitious notion for a standalone expansion, but with Death of the Outsider, Arkane Studios promised players the opportunity to do just that. The expansion is also the latest example of a trend where developers experiment with an established series to create something that’s not quite DLC or sequel, but something in between. Refining certain ideas, systems, and mechanics in Dishonored 2 enabled Billie Lurk’s revenge tale to be its own beast. “It’s true that we could have told that story through a two-or three-part season of DLC,” says Dinga Bakaba, the game’s lead designer. “The push for a standalone was really a choice that benefited the overall quality of the game the most.” Though smaller, more focused, and arguably more linear than Dishonored 2, the tale…