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“the long-running series aims to do right by pc gamers”

Long term readers will know that PC Gamer hasn’t been a big Call of Duty advocate for over a decade now. So I was intrigued when Activision got in touch to tell us about Black Ops IIII—specifically, about how the latest in the long-running series aims to do right by PC gamers. Elsewhere, you’ll find another of Steven Messner’s fascinating EVE Online reports. For years CCP’s MMO has been entertaining players and casual observers alike. Long may these stories continue. phil.savage@futurenet.com PHIL SAVAGE Specialist in Voyeurism Twitter @Octaeder This month Took a break from watching writers craft copy to watch an AI play Crusader Kings II. TALK TO PCGAMER Have your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com…

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the pc gamer team

PHILIPPA WARR Specialist in Gatherings This month Wrote about games where you have to kill people at a party. This doesn’t bode well for our next office do. ANDY KELLY Specialist in Engagement This month Asked Activision difficult questions, like: “Does a shooter really need 50 types of grenade?” STEVEN MESSNER Specialist in Compulsion This month Steven, a man who has written 14 features about EVE, has written a feature about obsession. In EVE. FRASER BROWN Specialist in Edicts This month Built an island full of people who didn’t like him. There’s probably a Twitter joke in this.…

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snap happy

IT LOOKS TO BE A VERY DIFFERENT PROSPECT TO THE ORIGINAL Beyond Good And Evil 2 has been bobbing around on the tides of game development for ages. Announced in 2008 and intermittently confirmed as definitely-not-cancelled over the following years, we only started seeing evidence that the project might emerge after Ubisoft offered up a cinematic trailer at E3 2017. Gameplay footage has been even harder to come by—until recently. Ubisoft has shared a smattering of pre-alpha footage, giving fans a peek at both combat and ship maneuvering. This is not only good news for those who want to know what this game might entail; it’s also an act of reassurance for people more accustomed to the game bumbling along in development hell. Beyond Good And Evil 2 is a prequel nowadays. It…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Campo Santo Valve acquires Campo Santo and In the Valley of Gods. Go back and read about the game in issue 316. Stardew Valley 2016’s best meandering farm RPG now lets you play with friends. Get ready to maximize your parsnip yield. Graphics Cards The absurd GPU prices are finally starting to stabilize as manufacture catches up with demand. LOWS Deus Ex Eidos Montreal confirms that the immersive sim series isn’t dead. For now, though, its on hiatus. Dota 2 Valve is hoping to earn over $85 million from The International’s Battle Pass. $85 million! For hats! Blockchains “What if videogames, but blockchain,” is the subject of every third email sent to PC Gamer. Stop.…

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in transit

I’m squinting at a luminosity graph, scoping it out for possible signs of exoplanets. Technically I’m playing EVE Online, following assignments doled out by the NPC Professor Michel Mayor and earning in-game rewards. But the data comes from the University of Geneva, Michel Mayor is also a real astrophysicist, and the work I’m doing is contributing to the actual search for exoplanets. Project Discovery is a collaboration between EVE developer CCP Games and the University of Geneva, which is facilitated by a company called Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS). MMOS want to make it possible to integrate scientific research tasks into existing games, and thus use their playerbases to conduct research. It’s a form of citizen science. Seeding research tasks into games taps into a volunteer workforce who can conduct types or…

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out of this world

BORN YESTERDAY 1 “First we simulate the circumstances of a planet’s birth,” says Ross of the planning phase. “You must first know what materials went into making it, how old it is, what its neighbors are doing, and which stars are nearby.” SCIENTIFIC METHOD 2 Real scientific data fuels the generation. “I studied research papers on the density, age, and masses of stars across the different parts of the Milky Way,” says Ross. “My background as a scientist helped with this.” COMPUTER LOVE 3 Using this scientific data, a tool called the Stellar Forge is used to create the planet. “Surface liquids, ground, and tidal activity, be it a gas giant or a terrestrial world. All of this happens in a fraction of a second on your CPU.” SPACED OUT 4 Planets generated by this data likely…