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moment of xen

Black Mesa isn’t the biggest upcoming release. But it’s still notable—a testament both to the openness of the PC as a platform, and to the spirit and passion of modders. It’s a fascinating project, and I’m glad it’s on this issue’s cover. Coincidentally, this month is also the ten-year anniversary of The Orange Box, and thus of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Whether we’ll ever play a sequel remains open, but this issue we’re celebrating Half-Life 2’s legacy with a five-part retrospective. phil.savage@futurenet.com @Octaeder TALK TO PCGAMER Have your say! Tweet us @PCGamer…

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half-life story revealed

OPINION TECH GAMES MONITOR THE PCGAMER VIEW OF THE WORLD Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw, who left Valve in 2016, posted an article on his website that is almost certainly the outline for Episode Three. Titled ‘Epistle 3’, the story concerns ‘Gertrude Fremont’, who travels to Antarctica with ‘Alex Vaunt’ to look for a ship called the ‘Hyperborea’. What inspired Laidlaw to release this information, and if Valve approves, is a mystery. But the fact he did suggests this is a story that won’t be told elsewhere. After the funeral of Eli Vance, who died at the end of Episode Two, Gordon and Alyx fly to Antarctica to find the research vessel Borealis, only to discover that the Combine has built a base around it. This is how Episode Three would have begun had it…

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scheduling sanely

I’m talking to Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games, developer of Regency Solitaire and upcoming card-based RPG Shadowhand. “It occurred the day after I had done some kind of crunch until 5 am,” he says. “I got up in the morning and crawled under my desk to switch the plugs on, and my back went out. I’m just in my early 40s now.” In a blog post from 2015, creative director Clint Hocking said the 80-hour weeks he worked during the development of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory “gave me brain damage”. Whether or not crunch time is necessary to release a game ‘on time’ is a perennial topic in game development circles. The web connecting contractors, publishers, platform holders, and developers that determines how release dates are decided upon, and whether…

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delayed delights

1 METAL GEAR SOLID V:THE PHANTOM PAIN Despite fan outcry following news that the game was being split in half, MGSV surmounted further delays to become PC Gamer’s 2015 Game of the Year. 2 RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Debuting as the multiplayer mode of a new series entry titled Rainbow 6: Patriots, Siege eventually spun off into its own title. After overcoming a rocky launch, Siege is now one of the most popular shooters on PC. 3 SOUTH PARK : THE STICK OF TRUTH A rocky dev cycle that included several delays and the collapse of its publisher, THQ, didn’t stop South Park: The Stick of Truth from launching to acclaim in March of 2014. 4 TEAM FORTRESS 2 A whopping nine-year development cycle, as well as a visual overhaul, somehow coalesced into one of the most influential games…

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final fantasy xv

FIRST LOOK I gnore the overly melodramatic plot about warring nations, an assassinated king, and a magical crystal—that’s not the point. Final Fantasy XV is really a road trip, as Prince Noctis and his three best boys—Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis— travel the continent, hunting monsters, helping townsfolk, and delving into some of the best dungeons of the entire series. FFXV is at its best when you’re out with the lads, exploring the gorgeous world for adventure, either on the road in your car, or out in the wilderness on the back of a chocobo. The relationship between its central characters is often charming and infectious, and their personalities lend a natural pathos to the adventure. After releasing on consoles late last year, FFXV is finally PC bound, and will arrive with a…

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the crew 2

PLAYED IT The open world arcade racer is reaching a crisis point, thanks in part to the quality of Forza Horizon 3. If not for that game, The Crew 2 might not have to be as strange and all-encompassing as it is. In the first game, you could team up with friends to race or freely explore a miniaturized USA. In The Crew 2, you can still do that, but also instantly switch between a car, a boat, and a plane with the press of a button. It’s extremely excessive and I condone it with my entire heart. During a hands-on preview event, I got to play the PC version of The Crew 2 and freely explore the open environment surrounding New York City. Much like the first game, the scale of…