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force vision

Some players might feel a little burned by their experience with 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront. I loved the moments when it delivered the kind of spectacle we associate with the movies, but there was a lot of unrealised potential. This time, three developers are absolutely packing the sequel with content, including an expansive singleplayer from the Empire’s perspective. See my feature on p38, where I speak to Lucasfilm, DICE and Motive about making that happen. Enjoy the issue. SAMUEL ROBERTS EDITOR samuel.roberts@futurenet.com @SamuelWRoberts talk to PCGAME R Have your say! Tweet us @PCGamer Our team of writers JOHN STRIKE Specialist in Modern warfare, dogs This month Went back to Battlefield 4 after just a few months playing Battlefield 1. Maybe next time DICE will be able to crack our Art Ed’s hardcore clan. TONY ELLIS Specialist in Cats, working from home This…

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destiny 2 comes to pc

Destiny is finally coming to PC in the form of the second entry in the series. Bungie’s FPS/MMO hybrid has been a phenomenon on consoles, evolving from a rough base game with a dreadful story into a brilliant, all-encompassing online shooter theme park (with a dreadful story). For whatever reason, it never attempted to make the leap to PC, despite being built on the foundations of genres that were basically invented for PC. The menus in the game even mimicked mouse control, but with a controller. It should’ve been on PC. Destiny 2 will arrive in September alongside the console versions, which is incredibly exciting given the game’s potential to find an enormous online fanbase. The original Destiny was structured like an MMO, with an extended story mode, raids, strikes and…

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what marvel games do we want to see?

SAMUEL ROBERTS His hero shooter spirit animal is a feisty talking teacup sniper. PHILS AVAGE Mains Scout in Team Fortress 2, and so clearly has no taste. Samuel: Hero shooters, then, Phil. Or indeed any competitive game with a wide range of wild and wacky character designs. Clearly this is one of the biggest genres on the planet, and some of these characters resonate deeply. Overwatch’s Tracer, for example, is one of the most strikingly different, original, and iconic hero characters I’ve seen in the last few years. But for every hit, there are a few misses. Take Winston, for example. He’s a (presumably articulate) gorilla wearing glasses. What the hell? Phil: Whoa there, Sam. Let’s not condemn an entire genre based on one erudite ape. I agree that the slapdash design of hero shooters…

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how real astronomy shapes elite’s galaxy

NEW HORI ZONS New discoveries are being made by astronomers every month, which presents an interesting challenge for Frontier, developer of Elite Dangerous. Its simulated galaxy is meant to be a replica of the Milky Way, which means with every discovery its accuracy is diminished. Or that would be the case if the studio wasn’t so dedicated to updating its own galaxy as we learn more about ours. The latest addition is TRAPPIST-1, a system so remarkable that NASA held a press conference to announce its findings. s In February 2017, NASA announced that the TRAPPIST-1 system—located a mere 229 trillion miles from Earth—contains seven terrestrial planets, three of which are in the so-called Goldilocks zone. Almost 4,000 exoplanets have been detected by astronomers to date, but the large number of Earth-sized…

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total war:warhammer 2

T he Creative Assembly’s definitive take on Warhammer Fantasy returns with part two of its planned trilogy, which includes bondage pirates, dinosaurs riding dinosaurs, and a bold new plan to fixTotal War’s ‘endgame fatigue’. Warhammer Fantasy and Total War always seemed like a perfect match, so much so that every Total War game ever made has a Warhammer mod. Last year’s Total War: Warhammer was the culmination of geek fantasies everywhere. The Creative Assembly wants its trilogy to cover every part of Games Workshop’s beloved low fantasy world, and the setting this time around is the New World, the Americas to the original game’s fantasy Europe—at least if America had an island full of snobby Elves living off the coast. The campaign set on this map is entirely new, and features…

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P lease sign in to confirm your identity,” a deep, strangely reassuring computerized voice says from an unknown source. I raise a hand in the air and ‘type’ using sign language, and letters appear on the transparent interface floating in front of me, spelling out a name: Amy Ferrier. “Thank you,” the voice says. “Welcome aboard.” I hitch a ride on a moving platform as it speeds down a circular corridor. Through the big windows wrapped around it I catch glimpses of the blackness of space and the enormous, spinning centrifuges of the Tacoma lunar transfer station. “While aboard Tacoma station, please remember that all activity is recorded by AR recording,” says the voice. “All activity records are the sole property of the Venturis Corporation.” The platform comes to a sudden…