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“dinosaurs and danger (from dinosaurs)”

PHIL SAVAGE Specialist in Jokes, delegation Twitter @Octaeder This month Still hasn’t found a freelancer to write his bio jokes for him. Management sims are going through something of a Renaissance, it seems. For starters, there’s our cover game. Jurassic World Evolution is set to take all of Frontier’s experience making Planet Coaster, and enhance it with the addition of dinosaurs and danger (from dinosaurs). Also this issue, we look at Sega’s attempt to resurrect Theme Hospital-style medical management, and review a game about building cities on Mars—with all the potential disaster that suggests. EDITOR phil.savage@futurenet.com TALK TO PCGAMER Have your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com…

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the pc gamer team

ANDY KELLY Specialist in Simulation, dinosaurs This month Can he unearth Jurassic World Evolution details for our cover feature? Andy finds a way. PHILIPPA WARR Specialist in Indie, plants This month Is quickly establishing her brand in PC Gamer as, “I have thoughts about plants and mosquitos.” TOM SENIOR Specialist in Strategy, elephants This month Returned to Dominions for a new diary—only this time with less sacrifice and more elephants. SAMUEL ROBERTS Specialist in Immersive sims, PCGamer.com This month Took a break from the PC Gamer website to write about The Blackout Club. PC GAMER (ISSN 1080-4471) is published 13 times a year, monthly plus Holiday issue following December issue by Future US, Inc., One Lombard Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94111 (650) 872-1642. Phone: (650) 872-1642. Fax (650) 872-2207. Website: www.futureus.com. Periodicals postage paid in San Bruno, CA and at additional mailing offices. Newsstand distribution is handled by…

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elf help

NEWS | OPINION | DEVELOPMENT THE FIRST CHANCE TO EXPLORE THE SUMMERSET ISLES SINCE 1994 The Elder Scrolls Online’s first expansion sent players to Morrowind—giving us a chance to revisit the location of one of Bethesda’s most beloved RPGs, albeit set many hundreds of years before its events took place. For the next expansion, we’re heading to the Summerset Isles, home of the high elves. This will be Elder Scrolls fans’ first chance to explore the Summerset Isles since 1994’s The Elder Scrolls: Arena, which contained the entirety of Tamriel thanks to its procedurally generated overworld. Naturally, that rendition looked, well, like it was made 24 years ago. Zenimax Online Studios claims this updated rendition will offer a detailed landscape featuring tropical lagoons, colorful forests, cliffside vistas, and the “gorgeous manicured cities” of…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Valve Gabe Newell says Artifact is just the first of several games from the studio. Will we finally get Ricochet 2? Prey Arkane is teasing what appears to be an expansion set on the Moon. We’ll know more at E3. Two Point Hospital Sega’s management sim is looking like a clever adaptation of Theme Hospital. Read more on page 22. LOWS Cryptocurrency It’s time for our monthly update on the price of graphics cards. Yes: They’re still ridiculously expensive. RAM Demand from smartphone manufacturers and datacenters is set to push RAM prices even higher. The White House Violent videogames have been propelled back into the spotlight. Welcome to the ’90s!…

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hybrid theories

PCG INVESTIGATES There is one fantastic story about a botanist called [John James]—the self-described ‘Frankenstein of flowers’,” says Seed’s lead designer, Olie Kay. “He scraped the radium paint from watch dials and used this on his budding roses—don’t try this at home! He said that the best way to dispose of the radioactive material was to simply bury it in the farthest corner of the garden!” Stories like that completely captured the imagination of Kay and the rest of All Seeing Eye. The small studio’s game, Seed, is a virtual reality project where you can breed and grow procedural plant life, either to complete missions or to enjoy a playful sandbox. As well as appealing to fans of pottering about in sheds, Seed scooped top honors (and $150,000) in a competition held…

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total gore

THE HIDDEN DETAILS OF ART DESIGN MORE IS MORE 1 The Blood for the Blood God II pack adds extravagant gore to Warhammer II. “It can be quite excessive at times,” admits Anderson. “You end up drenched in a sea of blood with decapitated limbs all over the battlefield.” TECH UPGRADE 2 Tech developments mean Warhammer II can handle more blood and particle effects than games like Rome II and Shogun 2. Thus you can now have “a full blood explosion complete with flying gibs when units are cleaved in half”. REFERENCE MATERIAL 3 Realistic references are a starting point for new textures. Anderson spent a lot of time looking at pig carcass images to help with the gory chunks in the blood decals. It was surreal at first but she says, “It normalizes after a…