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creative bloc

I floated the idea of doing an indie issue months ago. My plan was to celebrate the diversity, creativity, and spirit of indie games old and new. When I emerged, blinking, out of last issue’s deadline, Pip’s inbox was already full of indie artists happy to share their process. That’s the power of the indie spirit: It encourages creativity and fosters imagination. This issue, you’ll also find our massive 2018 preview, filled with exciting PC games that promise to make the coming year something special. Enjoy! EDITOR phil.savage@futurenet.com @Octaeder TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Tweet us @PCGamer…

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our team of writers

PHILIPPA WARR Specialist in Indie, sleep deprivation Twitter @philippawarr This month Wrote two indie features, and still managed to squeeze in a midnight Star Wars screening. RICK LANE Specialist in Retro, immersive sims Twitter @Rick_Lane This month Told the other half of the Ion Storm story: The half that involves one of the best games of all time. ANDY KELLY Specialist in 2018, all games Twitter @ultrabrilliant This month Took on the bulk of our 2018 round-up, covering everything from Pillars II to that goose game.…

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wargames is back

OPINION TECH GAMES THE PC GAMER VIEW OF THE WORLD Her Story is one of our favorite games, and we were eager to find out what its creator, Sam Barlow, would come up with next. One of those projects is #WarGames, a reboot of the classic 1983 movie. “It’s an experimental interactive series,” says Barlow. “It’s not a conventional choose-your-own adventure story.” In the movie, high school student David Lightman unwittingly hacks into a computer system that controls an arsenal of nuclear weapons and almost triggers World War 3. But this series will take the story in a different, more contemporary direction, following a group of hackers who get tangled up in a conspiracy. “We started writing it under Obama,” says Barlow. “But I think its message is more relevant now. It took…

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highs & lows the month in pc gaming

HIGHS Okami Capcom’s painterly epic is the closest thing we have to Zelda on PC. It’s 11 years old, but it hasn’t aged a day. Death Stranding Hideo Kojima’s imagination is running wild in his bizarre new project. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Our favorite trucker sim’s recreation of Europe is still growing. Now you can truck around Italy. Monster Hunter: World The co-op monster-hunting series is ON its way to PC, and might be good, too. Soulcalibur 6 Bandai Namco’s delightfully absurd fighting game series is back, and this time it will be on PC. LOWS LED overload PC gaming peripherals are starting to look like gaudy fairground rides. Cool it with the colored lights, yeah? Virtual reality The VR revolution is long overdue. We still prefer a flat screen anyway. Loot boxes A grotty little feature that isn’t showing any signs of going away because, ultimately,…

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camera conundrums

At the most basic level, and regardless of perspective (first-person, third-person, isometric, etc),” begins developer Trent Polack, “a camera system is the player’s eyeballs in a game world. It is the single most defining system by which a player interacts with a game.” With over a decade of experience in the industry, Polack would know. Before you can figure out a game’s control scheme (which is often camera-dependent), or even gain a sense of investment in its world, you need to be able to see. In isometric real-time tactics game Brigador, solving this issue proved far more complicated than the developers expected. Jack Monahan, one of Brigador’s developers, recounted the difficulties of creating levels and assets within this perspective. “An area ‘behind’ (from the camera’s perspective) of a city block might…

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camera types

EASY: 2D CAMERAS In this environment, small tweaks to a side-on or top-down viewpoint, like screen-shake, reducing screen zoom or screen vignetting can have major effects. HARD: THIRD-PERSON CAMERAS Third and first-person cameras are fairly similar. The primary difference is considering level geometry. The camera absolutely can not be allowed to collide with objects. MEDIUM: FIRST-PERSON CAMERAS Since these cameras approximate a player’s eyes, positioning a camera is relatively simple. However, creating immersive first-person animations is expensive. IMPOSSIBLE: ISOMETRIC CAMERAS Give your game an isometric camera if you want to come to hate their bastard-hard balance between a god’s-eye perspective and a semi-detached world presence! DISCLAIMER As a professional developer, I am on friendly and/or working terms with parties mentioned in this piece.…