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“now, creative assembly is trying something new”

PHIL SAVAGE Specialist in PC Gamer, intros Twitter @Octaeder This month Missed a trick by not wearing an actual crown to this year’s PC Gamer Weekender. True to name, the 18-year-old Total War series has brought us a totality of war—from 15th century Japan to a fantasy universe full of rats. Now, Creative Assembly is trying something new. Thrones of Britannia is the first Total War Saga: a new series that offers more focused, in-depth action around a specific area and time period. The first is Britain in the 9th century. Here in the mag, we’re also trying something different. We’ve refreshed the Monitor section with some new regular features. Get in touch and let us know if you like the new look. phil.savage@futurenet.com TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com The PC Gamer team TOM SENIOR Specialist in Strategy, disloyalty Twitter @PCGLudo This month Conquered…

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game time

Saturday was my big chance to investigate the Weekender show floor. First up was Candleman: The Complete Journey. I’m a sucker for a pretty 3D platformer, so I spent a pleasing chunk of time igniting my little avatar sparingly to give bursts of visibility, looking for fellow candles to light and objects to interact with. Biomutant was also on the must-play list. I’ll admit that in retrospect this was because I’d conflated it with a different game, but I was surprised by my own competence with this curious action RPG. I set my furry avatar to be a hench pink and green monstrosity, then set about using my sword and gun to rampage through the world, exploiting an intimidating array of combos. I SET MY FURRY AVATAR TO BE A HENCH PINK…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Phoenix Point Julian Gollop’s X-Com spiritual successor looks great, and was one of the highlights of this year’s PC Gamer Weekender. Two Point Hospital Also at the Weekender, this spiritual successor to Theme Hospital is looking like a fine evolution. Assassin’s Creed Origins The educational Discovery mode is a great way to explore Ubisoft’s world. LOWS Destiny 2 We’re on a break from this right now, although the roadmap hints that welcome tweaks are incoming. “No Loot Boxes” Some publishers now announce their games won’t have microtransactions for marketing points. But is your game good? Red Dead Redemption 2 We still don’t know if it’s coming to PC. Will it? Won’t it? Tell us, Rockstar.…

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concerted efforts

The Chinese Room cofounder and composer Jessica Curry summarizes her initial pitch for a live performance of Dear Esther in a typically humorous manner: “I’ve had this possibly really bad and commercially unviable idea—how would you feel about it?!” She was speaking with the Barbican’s Contemporary Music Programmer, Chris Sharp. The idea came during a Film, Archive, and Music Lab (FAMLAB) week Curry was attending. “They were talking about composers and how they work with silent film in terms of putting that into a concert experience,” she says. She began to ponder that in relation to her expertize in videogame music. Sharp has previously summed up the Barbican’s work as ‘Slightly Insane Ideas Made Reality’, so Curry’s proposal would seem a perfect fit for that remit. “They were amazing from start to…

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dear esther’s various forms

2008: HALF-LIFE 2 MOD Dear Esther started as a Half-Life 2 mod—part of Dan Pinchbeck’s research at the University of Portsmouth. 2012: INDEPENDENT GAME Robert Briscoe began an overhaul of the mod in 2009. Over the following years it became a standalone game. 2017: LANDMARK EDITION This version offered dev commentary, remastered audio, a switch from Source engine to Unity 5 and more. 2016-2018: LIVE TOUR The live version of the game features a new build of the game, live narration, and a live performance of the score.…

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postal surface

MULTIPLE LAYERS 1 Various stamps give the impression of the parcel having gone through a chain of official processes and people to reach its destination. Zimonja created these stamp designs separately, then overlaid them onto the label for the effect. CORRECT ADDRESS 2 This label features a rare mention of the space station Tacoma’s address: 1 Venturis Orbit. The address is a nod to Apple HQ’s ‘Infinite Loop’ street which is located on its California Campus. Apple’s mailing address is thus ‘One Infinite Loop’. BY DESIGNATION 3 The routing information section required Zimonja to create a fictional airport designation—FNP—for the game’s space elevator, the Fountain of Paradise. The other designation—SIN—is real, and refers to Singapore Changi Airport, REFERENCE MATERIAL 4 Customs documents, modern shipping labels, older letters bespattered with ink stamps, cargo forms, customer information notices, and…