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the more things change

Total War: Warhammer II is shaping up to be an excellent continuation. It’s a similar proposition, but, as Matt Elliott shows in this month’s cover feature, there are exciting changes afoot. Yes, that’s an analogy. Hi, I’m Phil, your erstwhile deputy editor, and the person now in charge of this magazine. There are some exciting changes ahead for PC Gamer, too, but don’t worry: we’ll still make lots of Dragon Age II jokes. EDITOR phil.savage@futurenet.com@Octaeder TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Tweet us @PCGamer…

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stream honkers

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundsrecently broke 500,000 concurrent players on Steam, placing it alongside the likes ofCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveandDota 2in terms of popularity. It’s one of the biggest success stories on PC, but a new feature is proving bothersome. Horns were recently added to the game’s cars, which stream snipers have found a way to exploit. Stream sniping typically involves playing on a server with a streamer while watching their stream to gain an advantage. It’s unsportsmanlike, but some gamers find this entertaining. Snipers have now found a way to use Battlegrounds’ horns to help them out. Stream honking, as some refer to it, involves getting into a car, holding the horn button down, then chasing streamers around. SOME WILL VIEW IT AS LITTLE MORE THAN A BIT OF HARMLESS TOMFOOLERY When they get shot at,…

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highs & lows

HIGHS The Long Dark Hinterland’s survival sim finally leaves Early Access. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds The first-person servers are a revelation, upping tension to a ridiculous degree. Wolfenstein II The imaginative Swedes at MachineGames are doubling down on Wolfenstein’s absurdity Tacoma Fullbright brings its rich worldbuilding and keen storytelling to space, and it totally works. Hearthstone The new expansion is bringing 135 new cards. Time to get sucked in again. LOWS Steam It’s about time Valve updated Steam’s default UI. Even Uplay looks nicer these days. Early Access We get the benefits, but can someone just release a finished game? Dust Whoever invents a PC that doesn’t constantly get coated in dust will be a rich, rich person. Half-Life With Black Mesa’s Xen level incoming, the lack of new official games stings.…

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porting pitfalls

Porting games is a difficult task for devs, even if they’re porting to the same platform they make their games on: The PC. As Disparity Games cofounder Jason Stark points out, “Gamers ask, ‘Why can’t they just release the version they develop with?’ Then, when developers do just release [that] and it’s a buggy mess, they ask: ‘Why are developers so lazy?’ Well,” says Stark. “It’s because they released what they had.” Think how many components make up your setup. Each runs on drivers that may not be up to date, and interact in complex ways. Throw a game that hasn’t had much troubleshooting into this soup of software and hardware, and it’s no wonder tweaking game settings is a foundation of PC gaming. The difference between a ‘good’ and ‘bad’…

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porting paragons

1 ALAN WAKE Remedy Games packed the PC version of Alan Wake with improvements. It bundled the episodic DLCs with the game, and, as a bonus, included hefty options to boost the visuals beyond that of the original. 2 CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS III The PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops III has local multiplayer options, custom dedicated servers and official support for what has become a vibrant modding community. 3 DARK SOULS III This is notable in how it learned from the mistakes of its predecessors. After the poor ports of the first and second games, FromSoftware put the time in to ensure the PC port of Dark Souls III was rock solid. 4 JOE DANGER Hello Games increased the resolution and stability of both Joe Danger games for their Steam releases, adding…

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höyling to glory

It may lack the spectacle of football’s greatest stage, but the stars of theElasto ManiaWorld Cup have just as much power to amaze as the likes of Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo. The long-lived shareware elastic motorcycle puzzler celebrated its seventh World Cup this year with a schedule of virtual apple consumption and intense höyling—a word meaning to play a level endlessly—spread across 15 events in three months. It took winner Zweq some 150 to 200 hours of playtime, distributed across the entire tournament, to rack up the event rankings and consequently the points needed to top a field of 138 competitors. Consistency was essential to finding and mastering his bewilderingly-difficult apple-collecting routes. “I tried to play one to three hours every day, even if I wanted to be somewhere else,” he…