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where’s dragon age 2?

It’s the PC Gamer Top 100! Again! This is my favorite issue of the year, and not just because everyone else has to do the hard work. This year’s list is terrific—a fine mix of PC games old and new. This is also my last issue as editor, sadly. Phil Savage takes over next month, and I’m sure he’ll do a great job. I hope you’ve enjoyed my era of PC Gamer. Your loyalty means a lot. Thanks for reading. TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Tweet us @PCGamer Our team of writers Chris Livingston Specialist in Moon landings, hoverbikes Twitter @screencuisine This month Played Star Citizen for our feature on p36. It sounds like Firefly. Andy Kelly Specialist in Aliens, stock photos Twitter @ultrabrilliant This month Andy revisited one of the original Star Wars classics in…

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Time honored As I glance through your last few issues, I could argue PC gaming is dying. Many have said this before, and yet the PC has thrived. However, less than 10% of games you recently reviewed appear to be worth buying. The majority of scores are 85 or less. Your reviews are pretty much on target, and unless you rate a game at 85 or above, it won’t see my hard drive. If this is the trend, PC gaming might just die in the near future. There have been many PC games that stood the test of time. So instead of making lacklustre new games, how about remaking beloved older games to play on modern hardware. Games such as Wing Commander, Command & Conquer series, and Jedi Knight. I realize there…

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mmo mystery solved

The truth behind one of the oldest mysteries in gaming has been solved—and it’s a massive disappointment. Around 15,000 people gathered on Twitch to watch as Tibia player Dev Onica opened the Banuta Gate of Expertise, which has been taunting players for 12 years. To pass through it you need to be level 999, which only one other player has achieved, and the mystery of what lies behind it has been a subject of much speculation. Tibia’s other level 999 player, Kharsek, refused to tell the community what lay beyond the gate. 5,000 people watched on Twitch as he reached the legendary level, only to realize that he had no intention of showing them what was behind the door. He went through it later on his own, without anyone watching, and…

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assassin’s creed origins

NEED TO KNOW RELEASE October 27 DEVELOPER Ubisoft Montreal PUBLISHER Ubisoft LINKwww.bit.ly/acreedorigins I sometimes wonder if I expect too much from Assassin’s Creed. For me, from its hold-down-a-single-button platforming, to combat that requires little more than a press of a counterattack button, to open world maps littered with empty activities, I struggle to see the positive influence it’s had on big games. It’s a series that awkwardly plays itself. But even I have exceptions. Black Flag’s intricate and skill-based sea battles seemed to have the opposite design philosophy behind it, and I think that’s why people liked it. I think the rest of the game should be that interactive, including the platforming and melee combat. Why isn’t it? Jean Guesdon was the creative director of Black Flag, and is now helming Origins, which has been in…

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tropico 6

Tropico returns in beautiful fashion with the sixth game. The scope of it has widened, as this image suggests—you now manage a whole set of islands, and are responsible for ferrying people between them, maintaining their happiness and thriving as a nation. You’ve got over 150 unique buildings in Tropico 6, but here are some of the other major changes that are worth shouting about. ELECTION SEASON Election speeches, complete with reactive public opinion, return to Tropico 6 from Tropico 4, so you can pander to your people. Then again, this is Tropico, so rigging elections is never out of the question. BAD DIPLOMACY It won’t go down well, but you can steal other countries’ monuments by sending a spy to take them. I’m shown the Statue of Liberty as an example, and there…

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metal gear survive

NEED TO KNOW RELEASE 2018 DEVELOPER Konami PUBLISHER In-house LINKwww.konami.com/mg/survive M etal Gear Survive is great fun, and I’m only as far as the co-op lobby. Here, you and three buddies get to dick around with all your characters’ gear. I’m the first to work out you can shell other players with mortar fire. I run away from my comrades, and let rip. The mortar whistles down and knocks two of them off their feet, and I burst out laughing. I then jog over to punch one of the other players in the back of the head, but fall over in an oil slick another player has laid down. Standing up, someone else hits me from behind. A teammate then mortars me, and I fall over. An ironic punishment. That was the most fun lobby ever, then,…