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“reigniting the war at the heart of warcraft”

A series of common enemies had softened tensions between the Horde and Alliance. Could the two one day be friends? Not if Blizzard has a say. For the next World of Warcraft expansion, the two sides are again turning their attentions on the other. Battle for Azeroth is reigniting the war. We’re not only diving deep into the expansion, but also celebrating the history of Blizzard’s MMO. Also, it’s the PC Gamer Top 100—our picks of the best games you can play today. Enjoy! EDITOR phil.savage@futurenet.com PHIL SAVAGE Specialist in Battle Twitter @Octaeder This month Traveled between sci-fi USA and third century Japan to bring you a roundup of E3 delights. TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Email us at letters@pcgamer.com…

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the pc gamer team

STEVEN MESSNER Specialist in Azeroth This month Our war correspondent Steven investigated the growing tensions between Horde and Alliance. XALAVIER NELSON JR Specialist in Craft This month Celebrated the one-year anniversary of his PC Gamer column. ANDY KELLY Specialist in World This month Toured a virtual USA, stopping only for some chicken-grilled coffee and a single shoe. PHILIPPA WARR Specialist in War(r) This month Kicked off an argument in the PC Gamer office, and then wrote it all down and called it The Top 100.…

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clash poor

League of Legends’ fortnightly tournament plan has hit a snag. Clash was intended as a way of bringing the thrill of competitive LoL events to the masses via three-day contests. But the launch weekend never got off the ground—games failed to start and teams were auto-losing. Riot made the call to cancel Clash. But why did the problems start and what’s the plan for Clash now? As detailed by League of Legends lead producer, Joe ‘New001’ Tung, in an official blog post, many of the problems stem from the fact the platform which powers League of Legends was created quickly, “responding to rapid scale around the globe”. He goes on to explain, “Technically, the platform was written as a monolithic service, which means that when things go wrong, it’s difficult to…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Overwatch Sales of the special Pink Mercy skin resulted in over $12.7 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. SGDQ The charity speedrunning marathon raised over $2.1 million for Doctors Without Borders. Warframe An update to the sci-fi shooter will bring co-op space combat that sounds like playing 3D FTL. LOWS Overwatch Charity aside, Blizzard’s shooter also revealed its next hero. It’s a hamster in a giant mech ball. Er, what? The Elder Scrolls VI Now the excitement of E3 has died down, we face a long, long wait for any more information to emerge. ArenaNet The studio issued a tone-deaf statement after firing two devs in response to Twitter remarks.…

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enemy without

Mods for games are usually additive. New features, forgotten content… mods are usually about putting more into a game. Yet in recent years we’ve seen the rise of a particular kind of mod that takes things away. Specifically, taking away a game’s enemies or threats. We previously covered a mod which removed all danger from first-person sci-fi horror Soma – it later become an official game mode – but there are plenty more games out there getting mods that do the same and they’re equally fascinating. The nerve-shredding Alien: Isolation seems like an obvious candidate for the no-enemy treatment and Paul Huwe, senior scientific software developer at NASA, took it upon himself to create that experience. “I did find a ‘no alien’ mod, it didn’t remove the alien, but rather spawned…

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happy accidents

What is a bug? Asking that question can send you on an unusual journey, especially when you consider games like Caves of Qud, where a ‘flaw’ could easily be an incredible source of tactical complexity. “It’s possible to acquire a mental mutation that lets you dominate the minds of other creatures,” says Caves of Qud cocreator Jason Grinblat. “What this means is: For a limited duration, you walk around the map as the dominated creature—with access to their skills and powers—while your body remains dormant. If the dominated creature itself has the same mental mutation, or if you manage to acquire it while possessing the creature’s body (by, say, gaining a level as the dominated creature and spending your mutation points to buy Domination), you can then dominate your own…