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destiny for all!

Destiny finally reaches our PCs this year. In Tom Senior’s cover feature, he explains why Bungie’s online FPS is going to take over—I’m sure you’re going to love it based on his positive first impressions. That man loves describing sci-fi guns, that’s for sure. In our excitement over Destiny 2, we’ve turned the issue into an MMO special. Head over to page 46 for another amazing story of betrayal in EVE Online, and to page 70 for our verdict on The Elder Scrolls Online’s first expansion. EDITOR samuel.roberts@futurenet.com @SamuelWRoberts TALK TO PC GAMER Have your say! Tweet us @PCGamer…

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our team of writers

JOHN STRIKE Specialist in Logos, Battlefield This month Designed all the logos and other gubbins for the PC Gaming Show at E3, which basically makes him as prominent as Geoff Keighley now. ANDY KELLY Specialist in Dirt, awkwardly leaving Twitter @ultrabrilliant This month Andy moved to York, but still works with us, only now we can’t shout at him across the office. PHIL SAVAGE Specialist in Not going to E3, cussing Twitter @Octaeder This month Wrote his own bio because Sam was at E3. Resisted the urge to put something rude. (Butts!)…

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pc gaming shines at e3

The PC Gamer view of the world The PC Gaming Show came back for a third successful year at E3. This year was our best yet, with the announcement of a huge expansion for XCOM 2, as well as superb indies and other news. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen brings three new champions to XCOM, as well as a new story and loads of other content. It is an even bigger deal than Enemy Within was for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and will be out on August 29. Microsoft, meanwhile, announced that Age of Empires is getting a Definitive Edition release, with various enhancements over the original. We also saw an update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, offering players the ability to dive through windows, among other improvements. The 2017 show marked the debut of Total…

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paradox opens the floodgates

SPECIAL REPORT WHAT IS PDXCON? In May, Paradox Interactive hosted its first ever public convention in Stockholm, bringing players, developers, and modders together for two days of demos, panels, and yes, karaoke. It was a celebration of Paradox and grand strategy, but also gaming in general, with other studios like Mojang and Frontier hosting their own presentations. For Fredrik Wester, it’s just the beginning—an experiment that will hopefully lead to annual conventions with thousands of attendees. For years, Paradox Interactive has hosted press conventions and small fan gatherings, but this year, in the publisher’s hometown of Stockholm, it combined the two with the first public Paradox Convention. Around 700 people gathered in Sweden’s capital for two days of panels, seminars, competitions, and demos. But why has Paradox decided to open the floodgates now? “I…

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paradox’s arsenal

1 EUROPA UNIVERSALIS III Though it was the third entry in the complex flagship series, Europa Univeralis III, released in 2007, was the first game to be published by Paradox Interactive rather than its previous partner, Strategy First. 2 CRUSADER KINGS II Arguably the game that ushered in a new era for Paradox, it enjoyed a longer development time and more QA, allowing Paradox Development Studio to iron out a lot of problems. 3 CITIES: SKYLINES The disappointment of SimCity still fresh in people’s minds, Colossal Order created a panacea with Skylines—an elaborate, customisable city-builder with a lot of modding support. 4 PILLARS OF ETERNITY By publishing Obsidian’s RPG , Paradox made it clear that it’s more than a strategy publisher, a sentiment echoed by its in-house studio, which has been considering other genres for some time.…

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far cry 5

FIRST LOOK I sat front row while Dan Hay, the creative director for Far Cry 5, talked about visiting the place I grew up like it was another planet. I guess it is. Montana, the setting for the next Far Cry, is one of the biggest states in the USA with one of the lowest populations. When we broke a million—my dad texted me saying, ‘We’re big time now.’ Big is right. There’s so much empty space in Montana, it doesn’t always feel attached to the rest of the US—a perfect home for the strange. Montana is where the Church Universal and Triumphant started, a cult that performs eerie mantras to assure the stability of economies. Pinesdale is home to a Mormon sect that actively practices polygamy, just a short drive from…