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PC Gamer July 2020

In addition to a great visual design, PC Gamer focuses more on communities, user-made content and of course the big-name games we know and love! Each issue also offers exclusive previews and insightful features to make sure you're at the top of your game. Delivering authoritative, honest, informative and entertaining reviews, PC Gamer is the ultimate buyer’s guide. ****Note: This digital edition does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies.****

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“the game pushed you to reach for greatness”

ROBIN VALENTINE Specialist in Taking small steps Twitter @robinlvalentine This month Warmed up to the idea of moving to Mars. The magic of the original Kerbal Space Program wasn’t in watching its boggle-eyed astronauts gleefully explode, or even in the careful, crafting of your next rocket, itself likely doomed to a fiery end. No, the magic was in the way the game pushed you to reach for greatness. You will get to the Mun, it whispered. No matter how many of these green idiots we have to sacrifice to get there. How appropriate, then, that its sequel should be so ambitious, reaching even further into a sprawling universe of simulation. We were invited to stare deep into the wondrous void of the game so far, and we returned with stars in our eyes. And a…

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the pc gamer team

FRASER BROWN Specialist in Royal indiscretions Twitter @FraserIBrown This month Lived his Crusader Kings life to the fullest – cue infidelity, heresy, incest, and assassination. WES FENLON Specialist in Bin chicken Twitter @wesleyfenlon This month Roamed the streets looking for a fight. Luckily lockdown meant there wasn’t anyone about. RACHEL WATTS Specialist in The itch.io homepage Twitter @rachel_wattts This month Played an absolute ton of great free games. Bonus side-effect: she could afford food this month. ANDY KELLY Specialist in Fast getaways Twitter @ultrabrilliant This month Drove rally cars, off-road trucks and even a hovercar. And he drove us mad too!!! We have fun.…

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viking vacation

After a year of rumours, the Viking is finally out of the bag: Ubisoft has unveiled Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s taking the murderous series to 9th century England where our Viking hero Eivor will duke it out with Saxons led by the King of Wessex, Alfred the Great. Ubisoft announced the new game in a pretty unconventional and slightly exhausting way, livestreaming the creation of some concept art. We were expecting a trailer, which did eventually follow, but first we had to sit through an eight-hour painting session as Boss Logic painstakingly put together a teaser, frequently going back and tweaking castles and boats as we waited for confirmation that it was what we expected. THE VIKINGS WERE PRETTY EXTRA, AND EIVOR’S THE MOST EXTRA OF THEM ALL Valhallacontinues the series’ progression from…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Fortnite Travis Scott’s in-game concert attracted 12.3 million players. Fallout 76 Bethesda has confirmed it’s looking to add pets to the game. American Truck Simulator The trucking sim now lets you roll down your windows and enjoy the sounds of nature (and the highway). LOWS WWE 2K21 WWE 2K20 was such a disaster that the series is now on hold indefinitely. Call of Duty: Warzone Cheating has become such an issue in Warzone that console players are opting out of crossplay. Doom Eternal Mick Gordon doesn’t seem pleased with Eternal’s soundtrack after it was poorly mixed without the composer’s involvement. Allegedly, he might not return.…

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the spy

If you were to ask The Spy, “Hey, The Spy, what’s the worst thing about your job?” The Spy would answer, “Oh, finally, you take an interest! The Spy has been doing this every issue for decades. You never call. You never write. Honestly, The Spy was beginning to think you didn’t care at all.” And then The Spy would confirm what you suspected all along: it’s the vents. They’re dirty. They’re cramped. It’s as if they weren’t designed for silent traversal across a building at all. If you were to ask The Spy, “Hey, The Spy, what’s the second worst thing about your job?” The Spy would reluctantly admit that it’s the spoilers. Knowing what’s going to happen before it’s revealed is literally the job description. The news? The Spy calls…

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this month in… 2010

ISSUE 215, July 2010 ON THE COVER Shogun 2: Total War IN THE CINEMAS Shrek Forever After 1 PC Gamer loves a good Total War cover, and Shogun 2 was one of the best. Not only because of the bold composition of the cover itself, but also because it’s still one of the best Total War games around – providing plenty of meat for Graham’s excellent world exclusive feature. Not sure that “Bring on the ninjas!” strap would survive today, though. 2 Rick McCormick enjoyedAlpha Protocol, which is the correct opinion to have about Obsidian’s RPG. Bad combat and minigames, but full of clever ideas. 3 You’ve got to admire the chutzpah of a feature titled “How to be awesome at everything”, but this ten-page round-up of tips for a variety of games and genres certainly takes a…