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Performance Bikes September 2018

Performance Bikes is the magazine that helps YOU get the most from your very fast motorcycle. Every issue of PB comes PACKED with... - Exclusive stories on the best modified bikes in the world - Real-life experiences, journies and road-trips from our team of expert writers - Real-life stories from YOU, our readers - Road tests you can trust - Fab photography and a sense of humour that'll have you smiling as you read If you love fiddling with your bike as well as riding it, Performance Bikes is essential reading.

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‘For most of us the love and thrill of riding outweighs the risks’ IT’S BEEN A STRANGE month. On the one hand, Team PB and seemingly every other biker has been out lapping up the weather: roads buzz to the sound of bikes, trackdays are full up and down the country. It’s almost the perfect summer. But on the other hand, road racing has been cruel to us in the recent weeks and months: Dan Kneen, Adam Lyon, William Dunlop and James Cowton’s sad passing in competition reminding us of the risk we’re all taking to some extent. Why do they do it? Why do we watch it? Why do we ride a bike at all, for that matter: most of us aren’t racing for a living, yet we’re taking not-dissimilar risks…

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company awards bash conduct

CHRIS NEWBIGGING EDITOR chris@pbmag.co.uk Forges MCN editor’s signature on the bar bill. AUSTIN SMITH ART EDITOR austin@pbmag.co.uk Peaks on white wine early. Responds to each winner with, ‘That twat?!’ MICHAEL RUTTER TRACK TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Nicking all the silverware. MARK WHITE TECHNICIAN editorial@pbmag.co.uk Drunken lecture on animal welfare to MD. Wonders why next invoice isn’t paid. JOHN McAVOY ROAD TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Successfully minesweeps the room for unattended winners’ bubbly. JEREMY McWILLIAMS COLUMNIST editorial@pbmag.co.uk Sneaks on stage with the staff of Mother & Baby magazine. JOHN BENNETT VLOGGER www.youtube.com/lambchoprides Regrettable YouTube live appearance at 1am... KAR LEE FORUM EDITOR editorial@pbmag.co.uk Brings home an award. Whose, we’re not sure... CAROLINE BARRETT EDITORIAL ASSISTANT caz@pbmag.co.uk Hides in toilets with four plates of carpaccio starters. DANKE SCHÖN: Team PS magazine for bikes/beer/wurst, Markus Krämer, Eddie Roberts, Stew Parkes and YouTube’s reserves of 1990s West Coast rap.…

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month in bikes

Obituaries: William Dunlop, James Cowton WILLIAM DUNLOP and James Cowton lost their lives to road racing accidents last month, at Skerries and the Southern 100 respectively. Dunlop was practicing for Skerries on his return to the roads after pulling out of the TT early in practice week to be with his pregnant wife. Witness reports suggest he damaged his sump or drain plug, and crashed on his own oil, though investigations continue and an official report is yet to be released. He suffered fatal head injuries and was pronounced dead shortly after. He was 32. Just weeks later a four-bike crash involved James Cowton, Ivan Lintin, Jamie Coward and Mickey Evans. Coward and Evans escaped with minor injuries, but rising roads star Cowton died in an ambulance shortly after. He was 26.…

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fast news

INDIAN TO FLOG A STREET TRACKER Indian are bossing the American flat track world, so they’re going to offer a 1200cc V-twin replica for the road. This is a concept version: it’ll look about the same, but with more reflectors and other road gubbins. PRIME SEATING FOR MOTOGP Want to watch MotoGP from the best seats at Silverstone, with posh nosh and primo parking included? You’ll want the ‘Winner’s Club’ hospitality box package, at £199 plus VAT (£219 if you’re not swindling the tax on your business account). Details: 0344 372 8230.…

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‘it’s absolutely transformed’

THIS IS MY current 690 Duke – the first thing I did was install the Track Pack which gives traction control, which wasn’t cheap... I then added a Wilbers rear shock, sprung and valved to my weight. The front end is a set of orange anodised KTM Power Parts yokes with a set of 690 R forks. The reason for the swap is that they’re fully adjustable for both rebound and compression, whereas standard forks have no adjustment at all. It also has a clear airbox cover; not the most exciting mod but I really like the way it looks. Plus, I’ve fitted an Evotech tail tidy and radiator guard. The latest modification is a Hilltop re-map. This gained 35% in the lower/midrange up to 5000rpm, and 4bhp at the top end. It’s…

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your bikes

‘The fastest NC30 I’ve ever ridden’ HONDA VFR400 NC30 TT-F3 LIAM CAMPBELL MY VFR400 NC30 TT-F3 endurance replica track bike has been built for me from the frame up by a friend, and it’s taken several years to track down all the bits I wanted. It’s the best handling and fastest NC30 I’ve ever ridden. It has a tuned engine and some nice and extremely hard to get parts, such as an NL1B kit CDI, kit rev counter, temperature gauge, HRC-spec open carbs, kit radiators, Öhlins shock and Dymag wheels (though these are soon to be replaced with HRC mag wheels to make it more authentic, now that I have tracked some down). It’s not the fastest bike compared to most in your magazine, but the grin it gives you when you ride it…