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December/February 2020

Pets Magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine that celebrates the human-animal bond, delving deeper into the core, speaking to the mind and heart of true animal lovers.

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happy cat

I am still a kitten As a kitten, I need a particularly high quality diet to help me grow healthily. … overweight And that can make me ill. That’s why I need a particularly light, filling yet palatable food with a low fat content! I have food intolerances Lots of us respond sensitively to conventional cat food. We need a specially formulated, highly tolerated and tasty complete diet. These products are for me! I am … neutered To avoid putting on too much weight, I need a fibre-rich, satisfying diet with a moderate fat content. … Senior I have already been through a lot and need quite a lot of attention to be paid to the choice of food for me. … an indoor cat I laze around the house all day and need food with low energy content so that I…

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the greatest gift, for the greatest pet

The wonderful season of giving has come, and it’s an extended one too, with Christmas, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day following close on each other’s heels. And while we are busy picking presents for loved ones, surely, our beloved animal companions shouldn’t be forgotten either? A gift for your pet can go beyond the usual treats and pet accessories, and it certainly should in this extraordinary period of celebration. That’s why we at Pets Magazine have put together an A-Z Gift Guide. From luxury goods that will make your furry friend the envy at any gathering, to holidays at wonderful overseas locations with your pet; from lavish weddings that actually include your four-legged family members to cat furniture specially designed for your feline friend and our home,…

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Meredith Lin When not hunched over typing out animal tales, Meredith can be found gambolling across sandy shores with her pup and scavenging for treats — both for herself and pet. Saba Kash Saba is a Singaporean-born Persian with a great adoration for animals. You can usually find her playing with her ginger Persian cat Charlie, who loves to get up to all kinds of shenanigans. Kuanth After dabbling in publishing and advertising, Kuanth answered his calling and became a freelance illustrator in 2002. He was a dedicated father to a senior dog whose life he continues to celebrate in his illustrations.…

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a for adoption

I have been drawn to animals for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest books – apart from those by Enid Blyton and series such as The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew – were compendiums of different wildlife species. My favourite outings were always to the Singapore Zoological Gardens and one of my first heroes was Bernard Harrison. I was thrilled when my family decided to get a dog when I was in secondary two. Hock was a pedigree ‘purchased from a responsible breeder’ and ‘came from a line of championship dogs’. He arrived unceremoniously in a covered plastic basket so shallow he couldn’t even stand up. We were first-time dog owners and relied on trial and error, or the advice of those who seemed more knowledgeable than…

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b for bird grooming

To many who don’t own birds—and even some who do—it may come as a surprise that these feathered creatures have to be groomed, just like dogs and cats. And as the folks at Pet Grooming Xpert (www.petgroomingxpert.com) reveal, bird grooming is about more than just aesthetics. “It is essential because it also keeps birds in a healthy and hygienic condition”. Here are four grooming services you should be familiar with if you own a bird: BEAK TRIM: To the uninitiated, this seems downright cruel. After all, you’re essentially trimming a part of your bird’s beak off! But as Dr Laurie Hess of PetMD recommends, it’s an important procedure for pet birds that do not have the same lifestyles as their wild cousins. “In the wild, birds have many opportunities to wear down…

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c for catification

When were you first introduced to the concept of catification? Helene Papillon (HP): Growing up, my family home was one with lots of exciting architectural features and furniture that fitted all my cat’s behavioural needs. So, it has always been natural for me to select homes, apartments that had all the right ingredients for my cats to be happy. One of the best was an apartment I rented in Paris: it was a very small space in the building alcove with views of all the roofs of Paris, and had plenty of small windows with pigeons, a mezzanine with a ladder… it was cat paradise. All I needed to do is provide some comfortable window perches and some scratching posts. My cats were at the top of the world with the…