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Pip Permaculture Magazine

Pip Permaculture Magazine

Issue 16

Pip Magazine provides simple, positive, practical solutions to living a more sustainable life. With articles on growing your own food, natural building,wholefoods, keeping bees, backyard chooks, fermenting, design, natural parenting and much more. Pip has profiles on people, projects, gardens, farms, houses and businesses. There are ‘how to’ guides, recipes, reviews, a directory and a kid’s section.

Pip Magazine
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3 Issues

In this issue

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MARA RIPANI Mara has been a sustainability educator for 20 years, working for non-profit groups and local government. She has always really loved the ‘realness’ of permaculture living. With her partner, Mara has created a permaculture farm called ORTO near Daylesford, that includes fruit orchards, straw buildings, kitchen garden and a wetland. She runs a cooking school and tours of her property and hosts guests at her farm stay. Mara has been documenting her permaculture practice on her social media site Village Dreaming and on Instagram @maravillagedreaming JOHN NEWTON John is a freelance writer, journalist and novelist. He writes about food, eating, travel, farming and associated environmental issues. His most recent books are The Getting of Garlic (2018); The Oldest Foods on Earth (2016), which won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best…

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pip permaculture magazine

Publisher, Editor and Art Director: Robyn Rosenfeldt Editorial Assistant: Emily Stokes Sub-editor: Jeanette Severs Proofreader: Peter Ascot Advertising: Clive Lochner Designer and Illustrations: Grace West, North South Grace West Cover Art: Katherine Quinn Advertising enquiries: advertising@pipmagazine.com.au www.pipmagazine.com.au/advertising Directory listings and classifieds enquiries: advertising@pipmagazine.com.au Submissions: We would love to hear from you if you have ideas for articles. Send your pitch to: editorial@pipmagazine.com.au Stockist enquiries: If you would like to stock Pip contact: stockists@pipmagazine.com.au Writers: Nadja Bettin, Fabian Capomolla, Lauren Carter, Matthew Evans, Jude and Michel Fanton, Morag Gamble, Emma Lupin, Alex McClean, Nikki Marshall, Alison Mellor, Monique Miller, Cheryl Nelson, John Newton, Paula Nihot, Yemaya Oates, Nadja Osterstock, Mara Ripani, Robyn Rosenfeldt, Bec Shann, Emily Stokes and Acadia Tucker. Photographers and Illustrators: Alybaba, Away, Nadja Bettin, Lauren Carter, Deliris, Tatiana Frank, John Fung, Jaap, Irin K, Josephine Pajor-Markus, Meshutt, Monique Miller, Natalie…

3 min.

Hello readers, As I write this, fires are burning out of control around the country, lives have been lost, millions of animals have perished, thousands of homes have been razed to the ground and over 8 million hectares of land has burned. As we hear more and more about the environmental crises around the world, interspersed with the lack of action by our governments or even an acknowledgement of the cause of the situation, it can weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. For many there is a feeling of grief and despair. But through all this we mustn’t forget the positive. In amongst the ashes people are finding a beauty as they come together with their communities to care for one another and work out how best to support each other…

4 min.
permaculture around the world

MEDITERRANEAN PERMASCHOOL, GREECE www.facebook.com/Nea-Guinea Nea Guinea is a non-profit one-acre permaculture farm in Athens that models permaculture practices and offers education programs. Based here is the Mediterranean Permaschool, which offers a range of permaculture education programs for the community, for youth; and also helps organise permaculture courses for refugee camps located in Greece. Refugee camps are built rapidly but end up being far more permanent than originally planned and are reliant on external inputs. Permaculture courses in these environments can effectively help people develop the skills to transform these camps into eco-villages. They transform their physical and social spaces, grow food, enhance collective resilience, reclaim some control over their lives and begin to heal from the trauma that brought them to the refugee camps. ETHIOPIAN VILLAGE WITH PERMACULTURE APPROACH In the far north of Ethiopia,…

2 min.
pip picks: things we like

HOLLYBURTON ORGANIC WOOL DOONA Sleep in creature comfort with a breathable organic wool doona that is 100% natural and compostable. Enjoy the wool filling, sourced from sheep grown on Hollyburton Farm in Victoria, the organic, unbleached cotton casing and the 100% cotton or wool thread used to complete the doona. You won’t find these beauties in any landfill. There’s a world of difference between a Hollyburton organic wool doona and a washable ‘natural’ wool doona that is treated with a polymer resin (a kind of plastic). Summer doonas come in 400 gsm, with a double layer for a winter doona. www.hollyburton.com.au From $308 MYSTERY BAY KELP Seaweed is becoming a popular superfood, packed with iodine and other mineral and trace elements, in a very absorbable form, that are essential for our body’s good health. This mbK super…

3 min.

To place your event here, email editorial@pipmagazine.com.au PIP PERMIE AWARD NOMINATIONS Nominations are now open for the 2020 Pip Permie Awards. The awards will be presented at the Australasian Permaculture Convergence in Brisbane, in April 2020. There are two awards: • Best Permie Project: Open to projects which are current, create positive change and demonstrate the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share. Winner receives $250 for their project.• Permie of the Year: For the permaculture practitioner working to create positive change in the world. They will demonstrate the three permaculture ethics in their work, of earth care, people care and fair share. Winner receives a lifetime subscription to Pip Magazine. To nominate a project or person, email us at hello@pipmagazine.com.au with their name, location and age. Include a brief description…