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Popular Science January - February 2016

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welcome to the new popular science !

Beginning this issue, Popular Science will be bigger and better than ever. Starting now, you can look forward to more editorial pages each issue, more original photography, more bold design and data visualization, and more in-depth feature articles. It’s still the Popular Science you know and love—just more of it. To create this new Popular Science, we are changing our frequency. Instead of publishing monthly, we will publish a larger, thicker issue bimonthly, so subscribers will get one expanded issue every other month. Each expanded issue will be like getting two issues in one. In the future, an annual subscription will contain six bimonthly issues. For more about the exciting changes, read the letter from Editor-in-Chief Cliff Ransom in this issue. As always, our Customer Care Center is available to answer any…

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new year, new era

For nearly 144 years, Popular Science has arrived at your doorstep, in your mailbox, or on your newsstand just about the middle of each month. Starting with this issue, we’ll be doing things a bit differently. Instead of monthly delivery, Popular Science will begin offering bigger, richer magazines every other month. This is, obviously, a big change— like once every 144 years—and it bears some explanation. When making a product, two of the most important questions you can ask are, “How are people using my widget, and have I optimized for that case?” The engineers, entrepreneurs, and designers we cover ask these questions regularly. We thought it only right to ask them ourselves. What we found is that over the past few years, the way people use Popular Science has changed. Where…

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the early science of car safety

JULY 1950 Sixty-six years ago, World War II was in the rearview mirror, and the economy was doing well. But the rise of the auto industry brought with it a new concern: traffic deaths. Safety engineers referred to the passenger seat as the “death seat”—a metaphor we took even further. “Death never takes a holiday,” we wrote. “He rides in every car, every day, with his bony finger on the right front seat.” Fortunately, we also had a positive spin: technologies being developed to protect car passengers, including “the Thin Man”—an early 2-D version of the test dummy— and seat belts, which did not automatically come in cars at the time. Um, excuse me. Winter inevitably means one thing to commuters: more people cramming onto trains and buses to travel in warmth. To…

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popular science subscribers

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install your own theater

7 WAYS TO HACK YOUR NEXT HOUSE PARTY 2016 LG TV EG9600 $5,000 If you’ve ever set eyes on an organic lightemitting diode television, the benefits are obvious: They’re thinner, brighter, and have sharper contrasts than any other TVs on the market. LG’s newest version—the EG9600— is the pinnacle of this display technology: It offers a near-perfect picture quality because OLED pixels don’t leak light, meaning blacks are blacker and colors don’t wash out. In addition, the picture holds up even when viewed from the sharpest angle, so even latecomers to the party will have a view of the on-screen action.…

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listen like a pro

1 MARANTZ AV8802A AND MM8077 $4,000 PREAMP $2,400 AMPLIFIER This combination Marantz preamp and amplifier can drive up to 150 watts to seven speakers at a time. It’s among the first systems to process ultra-high-definition 4K through HDMI. It also supports Dolby Atmos—theater-quality audio that places you in the middle of a three-dimensional soundscape. You can also stream your favorite Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM satellite radio channels directly to the units. 2 B&W 803 D3 SPEAKERS $17,000 Bowers & Wilkins spent eight years perfecting the 803 D3 Diamond series design, and it paid off. The 803’s birch casing is specially configured to minimize unwanted vibration and deliver high-fidelity audio. They might appear bulky at 4 feet tall and almost 2 feet deep, but each 144-pound speaker packs a mean punch. Each one comes loaded with two…