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Popular Science July - August 2016

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who’s-who in virtualandia (it’s a surprise!)

For our “Virtualandia” feature, the staff donned VR goggles and posed for photographer Peter Rad. What on earth were we thinking? Chris Mueller Acting Design Director “ I see the future. It’s a sidewalk in my face.” Elizabeth Catalano OK, so walking and Minecrafting isn’t the best idea.” Molly Battles Public Relations Manager “ I wonder if this can delete the Kardashians.” Grennen Milliken Editorial Assistant “ How creepy could I possibly look in this?” Thomas Payne Photo Director “ When do I tell my dog that I chose the red pill?” Jill Shomer Managing Editor “ Did I leave the oven on?” Sophie Bushwick Senior Editor “ Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t...” Xavier Harding Technology Editor * Internally screaming* Hilary Langlois “ Umm... that upcoming curb isn’t so virtual.” Ian Daly “ When can I watch Shark Tank on this?”…

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water polo with mechanical steeds

FROM THE ARCHIVES JUNE 1939 As readers dusted off baseball gloves and rummaged for swim trunks in the summer of 1939, we highlighted new inventions for sports that spanned from practical to bizarre. Some concepts took hold, like ball-throwing machines for batting and pitching practice, and some never quite made it, like polo on water—a distinctly different sport from water polo. We described it as “an exciting aquatic game played on mechanical steeds, skimming the water under the power of husky outboard motors.” What could possibly go wrong? Rio’s Olympic Mascots Meet Vinicius (left) and Tom (right), the mascots for the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, respectively. The colorful little critters are named after the bossa nova musicians Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, and were designed to be magical amalgamations of the many…

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optimize your summer getaway

1. BLUESMART CARRY-ON $399 There’s nothing worse than seeing the baggage carousel go around—devoid of your bag. Bluesmart’s roller includes GPS to locate it when lost, a scale to weigh your items, and a built-in battery that can charge your iPhone six times over. 2. VENTEV GLOBAL CHARGING HUB $35 Electrical adapters get the Swiss Army knife treatment with Ventev’s adapter. It packs four AC prongs— capable of mating with sockets of 150 different countries—into a single, stylish adapter. Plugging in lets you charge two devices via USB and one through an AC plug. 3. KINDLE OASIS $290 Amazon’s latest e-reader is ultra-compact and comes with a magnetic cover that houses its own battery—extending power from weeks to months. Storage of 4GB means you can stock up on a Smithsonian’s worth of novels—to distract from…

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why should you sign up for our newsletter?

REASON #32 Our perspective on science is unique. Like you. Sign up for the Popular Science editorial newsletter and each week you’ll get the latest and greatest in tech reviews, science news, video, photography, and special offers. GET THE LATEST CONTENT FROM OUR DIGITAL EDITIONS THE FUTURE NOW PopSci.com’s news-reader app delivers all the content from PopSci.com in an easy-to-read format on the go. Get up-to-the-minute news on cutting edge scientific research, gadgets and green tech. Save the stories to read, even when you’re not connected, and filter them by your favorite topic. STAY CONNECTED TO THE POPULAR SCIENCE COMMUNITY Sign up today: POPSCI.COM/NEWSLETTER…

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hit list

1 EIGHT SMART MATTRESS COVER Sleep-tracking mattresses can cost up to $8,000. Don’t lose sleep over that outlay; opt for the Eight mattress cover. It measures biometrics, light, and noise to gauge how well you’re snoozing. Then it makes recommendations on how to catch better Z’s. Starting at $99 2 GIROPTIC 360 CAM We’re still figuring out what 360 cameras can do. Giroptic made its modular; with different base attachments, it can screw into a light socket to monitor your home, record on-the-go stunts, or live-stream events through an ethernet port. That’s a start. $499 3 RAZER CORE Up your gaming game without the bulk of a desktop PC. The Razer Core (plus a graphics card) lets you plug massive computing power into compatible laptops. $499 4 ANKER POWERHOUSE While USB battery packs are great for day…

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photog in chief (featuring pete souza)

Your Instagram will never be as cool as Pete Souza’s. He travels the world with the president—shooting candids of Angela Merkel (in virtual-reality goggles) and Steph Curry (cringing in board-game defeat as Obama cheers). His globe-trotting job is 24/7. For the ever-shifting circumstances, he has the ultimate strippeddown kit, shown above, to perform in every condition. Even if you’re not POTUSworthy, you would do well too shoot with these. SOUZA’S BEST TIP “Always prep your camera settings, even if you’re not planning to take photos. As I walk out of Air Force One, I’m looking outside and estimating the correct exposure.” 1 CANON 5D MARK III Canon’s flagship camera body is a photojournalism standard. Souza carries two, and almost always uses them in silent mode to reduce shutter sound during sensitive moments. 2 FUJIFILM X100T In…