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Popular Science September - October 2016

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REASON #32 Our perspective on science is unique. Like you. Sign up for the Popular Science editorial newsletter and each week you’ll get the latest and greatest in tech reviews, science news, video, photography, and special offers. GET THE LATEST CONTENT FROM OUR DIGITAL EDITIONS THE FUTURE NOW PopSci.com’s news-reader app delivers all the content from PopSci.com in an easy-to-read format on the go. Get up-to-the-minute news on cutting edge scientific research, gadgets and green tech. Save the stories to read, even when you’re not connected, and filter them by your favorite topic. STAY CONNECTED TO THE POPULAR SCIENCE COMMUNITY Sign up today: POPSCI.COM/NEWSLETTER…

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ever sat in a room full of geniuses?

“ YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY BE WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE. THAT’S WHAT INNOVATORS AND DISRUPTORS DO . –Kimberly Bryant, in “Coding Diversity into Silicon Valley” “The deepest question I had while making this film was whether the Internet dreams of itself. ” —Werner Herzog, in “Geeking Out” “WE CAN MANAGE ALL DISEASES BY THE END OF THE CENTURY. —Mark Zuckerberg, in “The Most Social Man on the Planet” “ SOME OF THE BEST MINDS OF OUR GENERATION ARE USING THE INTERNET TO MAKE ADVERTISERS RICHER.” —Chris White, in “The Man Who Lit the Dark Web” “ WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE REST OF THE WORLD WAKES UP AND REALIZES CHINA IS THE LEADER IN SPACE ? —James Lewis, in “China’s Race to Space Domination” “WE HAVE THIS GIANT INPUT CHANNEL CALLED OUR SKIN, AND WE AREN’T USING…

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hey genius, popsci is now on apple news.*

But Wait... There’s More SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT Each year, Popular Science teams up with the National Science Foundation for the Vizzies, a competition to visualize a scientific concept or story in an arresting way. If you have a great visual idea, submit it at nsf.gov. THE SCIENCE OF SCISHOW YouTube star Hank Green and his team at SciShow do their best to explain the science all around you. Now, Popular Science goes behind the scenes to see how the explainers do their explaining, from pitches to postproduction. BRINGING BACK BIGGIE For rapper Biggie Smalls, there’s life after death—as a hologram. This fall, Toronto-based ARHT Media will put a high-fidelity digital creation of Biggie onstage. Popular Science reveals how a legend gets brought back to life.…

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arm your battle station

6 DESKTOP UPGRADES WHETHER COPY-PASTING A TERM PAPER OR hunkered down to a life of code-jockeying, your desk is sacred space. It’s where you wage a daily battle against your to-do list, your fantasy-football research, and your online work—trashing friends in League of Legends. This gear prepares you for conquest on all fronts. LG 34-INCH ULTRAWIDE Wage war on your term paper with a screen large enough for writing, research, and Netflix—all without a pixel of overlap. The monitor’s 3,440-by-1,440 resolution isn’t full 4K, but you’re not skimping on definition either. 1/ ALIENWARE AURORA Your best weapon against drudgery should be strong and easy to repair. The Aurora is customizable to house Nvidia’s flagship GTX 1080 GPU, and was designed for tool-free upgrades. 2/ SYNOLOGY DS416PLAY Music and 4K movies quickly clog any hard drive. Store everything…

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turn the reverb to 11

THE ACOUSTIC guitar rarely gets a makeover. There’s just no need. The intimate distance between good wood and an appreciative ear is all that’s required. But for the polished effects we hear out of the studio, like reverb and chorus, acoustic guitarists have to route their sound through effects pedals. Yamaha’s TransAcoustic is the first to naturally re-create those effects, no wires required. An actuator—seated in the base of the guitar’s body— vibrates due to the movement of the strings, delicately disrupting the sound naturally carried out of the guitar. Let your “Wonderwall” wail.…

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hit list

1/ FREEWRITE Tap away without distraction on this digital typewriter, then upload your analog opus to the cloud. 2/ LOGITECH ZEROTOUCH Take calls and change tunes in the car with a wave of the hand so your eyes stay on the road ahead. 3/ CYRANO Deploy this gizmo for all of your aromatherapy needs: soothing coconut and guava scents during rush hour, or energizing citrus at work. 4/ SAMSUNG ICONX WIRELESS EARBUDS IconX earbuds track your heart rate and hold up to 4GB of music so you can go for a run phone-free. 5/ THINCHARGE CASE The Thincharge iPhone case protects your phone and adds 100 percent more battery life. 6/ KNOCKI This puck translates knocks into commands. Knock a surface twice to turn on smart lights or call an Uber. FROM TOP LEFT: COURTESY FREEWRITE; COURTESY LOGITECH; COURTESY KNOCKI; COURTESY THINCHARGE;…