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No wonder this is the world's most widely read magazine Hard-hitting, thought-provoking and entertaining, with unforgettable stories in each issue. This magazine is packed with features short enough to read in one sitting, but stimulating enough to keep you thinking for days.

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unrelenting drive

IN 2016, THE MOVIE LION dramatised the heartbreaking story of Saroo, a five-year-old Indian boy who fell asleep on a train only to find himself separated from his family, alone and lost in the city of Kolkata. He was adopted by an Australian couple, and raised on the other side of the world. Eventually, as an adult, he found his way home. This month’s Bonus Read, ‘Finding My Mother’ (page 110), shares a similar story, this time experienced by Melbourne filmmaker Joel de Carteret, who was born on the outskirts of Manila. His unrelenting drive to locate his birth mother, a woman whose face and name he couldn’t remember, is truly inspiring – and will cause every parent to want to give their son or…

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Chalk It Up I so enjoyed reading ‘Normal or Nuts’ (September). I was pleased to learn that while eating chalk rated highly on the nut-scale, I am not the only one who does it. Admittedly, I gave up this habit in primary school. As a child, where education took place at the blackboard, I would nibble away on sticks of chalk whenever the opportunity presented itself!It is very refreshing to come across articles such as this: light-hearted, honest and entertaining. LUCY VICKERS Surgical Advances I have been a subscriber to Reader’s Digest for many years and find it hard to throw away my old issues. I often reread them if I stumble upon them. Late last year my 12-year-old son was diagnosed with a significant hole…

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win a pilot capless fountain pen

The best letter published each month will win a Pilot Capless Fountain Pen, valued at over $200. The Capless is the perfect combination of luxury and ingenious technology, featuring a one-of-a-kind retractable fountain pen nib, durable metal body, beautiful rhodium accents and a 14K gold nib. Congratulations to this month’s winner, Lucy Vickers. ■…

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caption & letter compitition

I Can See Clearly Now We asked you to think up a funny caption for this photo. Eat more hole foods! RANAN SANNGAI spy a sugar hit coming my way. MARY PRESTONI always said that I have a rounded view on life. JOHN LEVINGSTONEvery time I see you I donuts. HELEN PEAVEYI'm seeing 'hundreds & thousands' of possibilities. SUE FRANCIS Congratulations to this month’s winner, Ranan Sannga. CAPTION CONTEST Come up with the funniest caption for the above photo and you could win $100. To enter, see the details on page 8. ■…

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introducing rd talks

TWIN POWER The fascinating connection between identical twins Craig and Brenton Gurney defies current scientific explanation. IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU, NOBODY WILL If you are addicted to true crime, then this chilling tale from 1994 is for you. A MIRACLE OF MERMAIDS The child was inconsolable after her father died. Nothing seemed to help, until … CROCODILE ATTACK “Dear God,” pleaded the victim, “let it finish me off quickly!” A FAMILY FOR FREDDIE Will anyone take a chance adopting this ten month old? A touching Christmas story. TO LISTEN GO TO www.readersdigest.com.au/podcasts  www.readersdigest.co.nz/podcasts www.rdasia.com/podcasts ■…

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the search for santa claus

(PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES) Glynis Gasnier lives on a rural property in Te Awamutu, New Zealand, with “views to die for”. The family now includes grandchildren, sheep, dogs and far too many cats. IN EARLY 1990, when our children were aged ten, eight, six and four, we saw a programme on TV about a Christmas trip to Lapland. It looked magical and we knew they would love it. We knew that the greatest obstacle to making this trip a reality was financial. Taking four children on any holiday is costly and this particular excursion was expensive, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our family.My husband, Jack, had an insurance policy maturing the following year. So, he went to the bank to see if he could…