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the great anti-salt movement

EVERY KITCHEN TABLE OF MY CHILDHOOD – my mother’s, my grandma’s and each of my three aunts’ – was graced with matching salt and pepper shakers. When we set the table for a meal, these two things were as essential as the plates and cutlery. Without fail, no matter what we were served, we’d all feverishly garnish the food on the plate. Also, without fail, one of my brothers would abstain and smugly point out: “You don’t need all that extra salt!” We’d roll our eyes and ignore him. He was like the Grinch who spoiled dinner. Every family needs someone like this – a warden of good health and eating habits. These days, the salt shaker rarely comes to our table. In her piece ‘24 Ways Salt is Making You…

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Changing the Custom I’ve been overseas so have just finished reading the May issue. I enjoyed the article ‘Watch Your Table Manners’ about etiquette abroad – which noted fondues are for winter. I am lucky to visit friends in Switzerland, who are excellent at preparing delicious fondues. They’ve often told me it’s something they have only in winter. However, as I sometimes visit in summer, I am thankful they forego this custom and prepare a cheese fondue for me. I don’t care what the season, I love it! Admittedly, we pick a cool evening during my visit for our banquet. PAMELA ROBB ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ I have been a fan of Art Garfunkel’s music for many years. I always suspected he was one of the good guys and your story ‘His Bridge…

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caption and letter competition

Penguin on Parade We asked you to think up a funny caption for this photo. Menswear. Tuxedos. Second Floor. MAXIME CHANDLER Wow! This is some igloo. GEORGE J. TOEPFER This icecalator is very slow. PAM SNOWDEN I don’t know why they call it a ‘flight of stairs’. It’s been five hours and I still can’t fly! TRACY CHARLES Hold rail when icy. YADUSHI SINGH Congratulations to this month’s winner, Maxime Chandler. CAPTION CONTEST Come up with the funniest caption for the above photo and you could win $100. To enter, see the details on page 8.…

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submit your jokes and stories

RD SHOP For quality products, book sales and more, visit Readersdigest.com.au/ shop and Readersdigest.co.nz/shop CONTRIBUTE FOR DIGITAL EXTRAS AND SOCIAL MEDIA INFO, SEE PAGE 3 Anecdotes and jokes Send in your real-life laugh for Life’s Like That or All in a Day’s Work. Got a joke? Send it in for Laughter Is the Best Medicine! Smart Animals Share antics of unique pets or wildlife in up to 300 words. Kindness of Strangers/ Reminisce Share tales of generosity or an event from your past that made a huge impact in 100–500 words. My Story Do you have an inspiring or life-changing tale to tell? Submissions must be true, unpublished, original and 800–1000 words – see website for more information. Letters to the editor, caption competitions and other reader submissions ONLINE Follow the “Contribute” link at the RD website in your region EMAIL AU: editor@readersdigest.com.au NZ: nzeditor@readersdigest.com.au ASIA: asiaeditor@readersdigest.com.au WE MAY…

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RELATIONSHIPS The secret to a happy and long-lasting marriage When we asked our readers one of the trickiest questions of all time, the responses were funny, poignant, heart-warming and above all helpful. HEALTH + TRAVEL Guess what’s the biggest germ culprit at the airport? Is it the toilets? The check-in counter? The children’s play areas? ... Nope. But it is right before your very eyes. PETS + ANIMALS BEST DOGS FOR APARTMENT LIVING From high-rise to bungalow, these easygoing breeds will fit right in. ReadersDigestAustralia @ReadersDigestAU ReadersDigestAU PLUS Sign up to our FREE newsletter for more hot offers, top stories and prizes!…

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a desperate time

THE AIR-RAID SIRENS CAME with a calculated regularity, sounding every morning at about 9am, bringing all activity in Vienna to a halt. We would rush to the shelter as the Allied bombs above us dropped indiscriminately. Emerging some two hours later when the all clear was given, we never knew what we would find. Was our house still standing? Would it be our turn next? Life had become an uncertain day-to-day existence and a feeling of impending doom hung over the city. The air-raids were becoming more sustained and on September 10, 1944, we lost our home and grandmother, too. Buildings were reduced to rubble and shops were ransacked by people desparate for food Vienna was coming to a standstill: trams stopped running and were left abandoned on their tracks; buildings were reduced…