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Real Living Australia August 2021

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I AM DELIGHTED TO PRESENT one of my favourite issues of the year. It’s the real living Love List, our annual edit of products, places, spaces and collections that have caught the RL team’s eye in 2021. Want to know what we’ve been coveting, sharing and discussing? Here it is: our celebration of great design with lots of shopping, stylish conversation starters and a few travel destinations for your wishlist. Go ahead and flip straight to p101. What I love most about the August edition is that it gives the team a little extra creative license to pursue stories and ideas simply because we, well, love them. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes: the bedroom decorating story on p124 was shot at a location that has inspired us for years. It’s…

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this month i’m looking forward to…

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snug factor

what’s your type? Choose throws in a material that works for the season. Chunky knits, velvet and faux fur are perfect for winter, while cooler options like jersey and linen are more summer-friendly. Try soft pastels and neutrals to calm and comfort, or opt for cheery hues to lighten the mood. artful arranging For a neat and formal look, fold throws in thirds lengthwise and drape over the back or arm of your couch or at the base of your bed. Alternatively, forgo the folding and allow the blanket to cascade casually over the couch or graze the floor. If you’re time poor, toss your throws into a basket next to the sofa or bed, with one corner hanging over the edge. care factor Aim to wash your throws every two to four weeks, depending…

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breathing space

ONCE UPON A TIME, Norma Kamali was an avid collector of furniture, jewellery and fashion. An American designer and entrepreneur, Norma would be the first to tell you how extravagantly appointed her previous houses have been, but one day while working on a new collection, she had an epiphany – her decorative surrounds had become a distraction and her belongings were holding her back. If at first she was a disciple of maximalism, Norma is now a born-again minimalist and moving into this spacious glass-walled apartment with her partner Marty Edelman and dog Zeke marked a physical, and perhaps spiritual, transition. Norma’s new home is the definition of a clean slate. Located in New York’s West Village, the apartment is wrapped in floor-length windows with panoramic views of the city and…

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making magic

WHO IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD? If you’d asked the Italian designer Piero Fornasetti, chances are he’d have said Lina Cavalieri, a soprano whose face he turned into one of the most ubiquitous images in the world. As beguiling as the Mona Lisa, her beauty inspired Piero’s pièce de résistance: the Themes and Variations series. Piero Fornasetti was born to stand out. His career began with a bang when he was expelled from the Milan fine arts school Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera for insubordination in 1932. Unperturbed, Piero showed at a student exhibition at Milan University the following year and proposed a series of printed scarves to the Milan Triennale. It was at this time that Piero’s work caught the eye of Gio Ponti, an influential…

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modern history

1913 Painter, designer and artistic polymath Piero Fornasetti was born in Milan in 1913. Piero opened his atelier in 1940 and his work spanned printed books, frescoes, ceramics, furniture and home objects. In fact, Piero can be credited with creating over 13,000 products. 1951 Piero rose to popular success in the ’50s, with support from Italian architect and designer Gio Ponti. The Architettura trumeau is one of the duo’s artistic designs, manufactured in 1951. One of the first models is displayed in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and today, Fornasetti produce 15 pieces every year. 1952 In 1952, Piero began his Tema e Variazioni series of plates, or Themes and Variations. Every plate features an interpretation of the face of opera singer Lina Cavalieri. There’s now almost 400 variations with unique facial expressions as well…