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September 2021

From gorgeous fashion, beauty, food and interiors to brilliantly written features and health, Red magazine is an intelligent, glossy read that offers the best things in life. And for a daily Red fix, there’s redonline.co.uk. From what-to-cook-tonight to booking a weekend away to shopping with the Red fashion team, it’s the best things in life – every day.

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JESSAMYN STANLEY shares her yoga for everyday life, on page 140. I STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE BY… allowing myself to feel fear. MY MOTIVATIONAL MANTRA IS… ‘Throw away yesterday, today is a brand-new day.’ BELLA MACKIE writes an ode to unlikeable women, on page 28. I STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE BY… doing literally anything new. Everything new makes me uncomfortable! MY MOTIVATIONAL MANTRA IS… ‘Good for you, not for me.’ Amy Poehler says this and it resonates a lot. DR UCHENNA OKOYE shares her summer style and beauty buys, on page 78. I STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE BY… playing the piano. I’m awful at it, but I enjoy it! MY MOTIVATIONAL MANTRA IS… ‘Don’t try to picture everything bad that could possibly happen. Stick with the…

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If I’m honest, I always find this, the September issue, problematic, because it straddles two seasons. In the strange world of magazines, the month on the cover doesn’t always correlate with the month we’re currently in, so even though the September issues traditionally hail all things autumn, you’re most likely to be reading them in the depths of summer. For this reason – and because I get great pleasure from throwing out the rulebook, and great misery from looking at coats while on a sunlounger – we have continued the sunshine vibes in this issue. We’re still giving you a taster of the new things to come, such as our highlights from the A/W fashion shows on page 12, but this runs alongside our best holiday beauty buys on page…

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A LONG WAY TO GO In our July issue, we investigated the continued prevalence of the ‘pink tax’, the phenomenon that everyday life costs more for women. Lisa Best got in touch with us to share her thoughts. ‘I found your piece on the pink tax illuminating,’ she wrote. ‘As a lesbian, I’m fully aware of the pink pound and how it has been manipulated and exploited. But I must admit that I had not fully considered the far-reaching issues connected to female-focused products, even if they are virtually the same as those sold to males at a much lower price. Your table comparing the cost of jeans for women highlighted that this isn’t restricted to haircuts, which are a sore point for me now that I have a very short…

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OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN WALES THAT COULD BE MISTAKEN FOR BALI Who needs to go overseas? ‘I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH ADHD, AGED 42’ Victoria Richards was labelled ‘scatty’ at school, but after being diagnosed with ADHD in her 40s, she learned to embrace her whole self. HOW A FASHION EDITOR BUILT THE ULTIMATE CAPSULE WARDROBE These essentials helped Red’s digital fashion editor Abigail Southan give up fast fashion and dress smart. 7 TIPS FROM A CAREERS EXPERT TO HELP SECURE THAT NEW ROLE Job hunting? This is the know-how you need. PHOTOGRAPHY: GETTY, ROSIE PARSONS. T-SHIRT, A.P.C. SUIT, MANGO…

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JODIE DUNWORTH FASHION ASSISTANT Favourite show: Chloé Speaking to my heartland style of super-soft rollnecks, column-knit dresses and aviator jackets, the Chloé collection also encourages me to push my style boundaries by including leather for clashing texture, and olive and burgundy to shake up my neutral colour palette. I am adding in colour but still sticking to earthy hues that don’t feel too far out of my comfort zone MEDINA AZALDIN BEAUTY ASSISTANT Favourite Show: Christian Dior I gravitate towards pieces with a certain romance; sparkles that catch the light, detailed textures that implore you to look closer or silhouettes that flatter. Dior is always utterly dreamy, but this season’s darker take on fairy-tale dressing, with its austere colour palette (deep reds, navy and black) and frothy, luxe textures and feminine lines, really does…

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BOOTY CALL Thanks to Valentino’s collaboration with Levi’s, classic 1969 517 boot-cut jeans are back – and as a denim die-hard, I’m in. But with an eye-watering price tag of £790, finding a pair of vintage boot-cuts has now become a must. Cue Pin Denim. Launched by Chloe Culpin, Pin Denim will source you the perfect pair of pre-loved Levi’s, from 501s to 517s, all carefully selected for their quality. Just follow the measuring guide and leave Chloe to work her ’jeanie’ magic. FAMILY JEWELS On inheriting her family jewellery brand Loel & Co from her Maltese mother, Andrea Flamini gave it a modern spin, with new pieces created by designers and artisans all over Italy. Her tassel and twisted hoops are firm favourites, as are her pearl shell pendants. Time to refresh…