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Reminisce Extra September 2020

Get even more "time capsules" of life from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's filled with reader-written stories, pictures from the past, embarrassing moments, ads from the Old Days and much more!    Relax, Laugh and Remember.   Reminisce EXTRA is delivered in between your issues of Reminisce.

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monkey business

When I was 6, Tara Tunstall was my best friend. Tara was expert at being a kid: She could swing standing up on the swing seat, spot poison ivy faster than a botanist and tell you where there were wild blueberries down by the lake. I was raised with two older brothers and was pretty fearless, but Tara’s streak of daring made me look as timid as a rabbit. One day there was something new in Tara’s yard—a set of monkey bars. It was narrower than the one at school, but tall, perhaps 8 feet. I watched in awe as Tara scaled it, perched for a moment at the top, then flung herself off like a parachutist, landing on all fours. “Your turn!” she announced, standing up and brushing off her palms…

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tell us your story!

FRIENDS ROAD TRIP At Reminisce, we love stories about young adventurers getting behind the wheel to see where the road takes them. If you ever did this with a bunch of friends, we want to hear all the secret details. Label your story and photos “Friends Road Trip.” AMUSEMENT PARKS Next year, two iconic parks, Six Flags (founded 1961) and Disney’s Magic Kingdom (founded 1971), celebrate milestones. Did you visit these parks in the early years? Tell us about your experiences. Label your story and photos “Amusement Parks.” KOREAN WAR With the approaching 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, we are gathering stories for a series of features. Label your story and photos “Korean War.” OLYMPICS Do you have a story about seeing the Olympics, either in person or in front of the TV as a family?…

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1943 boffo, sad sack and wac

Allied forces invade Sicily, and America mobilizes for war. By year’s end, two-thirds of the U.S. economy supports the war, with women picking up the manufacturing slack—more than 310,000 in the aircraft industry. Meat, cheese, canned milk and fish are added to the ration list. Film companies release twice-weekly newsreels on the war, and radio broadcasts carry frontline reports. The New York Yankees beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, but baseball’s superstars are off serving their country. These words are in common use, according to Merriam-Webster. BAZOOKA: Officially a rocket launcher, this portable antitank weapon resembles the harmless novelty instrument. BOBBY-SOXER: Frank Sinatra’s young female fans wear rolled-down white socks with their saddle shoes. BOFFO: Variety magazine’s term for a big box-office success, such as the popular musical comedy This…

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frankie wows the paramount

Benny Goodman was to close 1942 as the headliner at the prestigious Paramount Theatre in New York City. At the last minute, Paramount manager Bob Weitman signed a young, little-known male vocalist as an added attraction. Weitman was intrigued that, one week before at a New Jersey venue, the scrawny 27-year-old with a floppy bow tie had caused young women to screech their throats raw when he crooned. Frank Sinatra, pursuing a solo career after leaving the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra three months earlier, closed Goodman’s show on Dec. 30, 1942. After Goodman’s straightforward introduction—”And now, Frank Sinatra”—a tidal wave of screams from the packed house caught the bandleader off guard. Sinatra stepped to the microphone to offer up “For Me and My Gal.” Veteran press agent George Evans was hired to spread the…

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country comes to the city

Folks couldn’t get enough of Oklahoma!, a classic love triangle set in farm country. Test your recall of the songs from the 1943 Broadway sensation that ran for a then-unprecedented 2,212 performances. 1 Richard Rodgers composed the songs; his new partner, ___________, wrote the lyrics. 2 This female choreographer gets credit for the show’s innovative dance numbers. 3 “All the sounds of the earth are like music,” according to this jubilant song. 4 Curly McLain boasts, “Ain’t no finer rig I’m a-thinkin’” in this catchy tune. 5 Ado Annie laments, “But when I’m with a feller, I fergit!” as part of this ditty. 6 An ensemble emphasizes “territory folks should stick together” in this rousing number. 7 Laurey Williams tells Curly, “Your eyes mustn’t glow like mine” in this love ballad. 8 Curly claims that a brutish farmhand…

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mission: accomplished

Like many young girls, I was infatuated with a television star. My schoolgirl crush was on the character played by David McCallum on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Many years later, I was on a business trip to London when I went to a delightful comedy starring McCallum called Run for Your Wife at the Criterion Theatre. Since I was alone and not very comfortable being out in the evening, I high-tailed it back to my hotel after the play ended, but I kept the playbill from this 1987 production. Fast forward to 2013, when McCallum agreed to attend the 50th anniversary showing in Omaha, Nebraska, of The Great Escape, a movie in which he had a small part alongside stars Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson. McCallum graciously accepted the invitation to host…