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Reminisce Extra November 2020

Get even more "time capsules" of life from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's filled with reader-written stories, pictures from the past, embarrassing moments, ads from the Old Days and much more!    Relax, Laugh and Remember.   Reminisce EXTRA is delivered in between your issues of Reminisce.

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new world, new life

This month marks the last entry in our yearlong series commemorating the end of World War II. Our retrospective began with the January 2020 Reminisce Extra, which looked at retooling efforts and workers on the homefront, and continued in successive Reminisce Extras, focusing on different aspects of the conflict, from major battles (March) and the European (May) and Pacific (July) theaters to the celebratory days after it finally ended (September). November’s topic, on the lasting effects of World War II, is especially complex, a vine with many tendrils. It is clear, even 75 years later, that the war remains vivid for those who fought it; our feature “In War’s Wake” (page 28) includes accounts of veterans who have revisited their experiences with dignity through the Honor Flight Network. In many other…

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there’s no time like family time

Share moments of lasting joy with this charming keepsake collection of memories from the readers of Reminisce. NOSTALGIA Stories about backyard games, beloved pets, road trips and holiday celebrations highlight the special bonds of family. PHOTO ALBUM Hundreds of reader snapshots form a tender and intimate portrait of life at home. POP CULTURE Colorful vintage ads in every chapter bring the past alive in all its fun—and kitschy—glory. ORDER TODAY : reminisce.com/FAMILY IN THE NEXT ISSUE REMINISCE • Christmas Keepsakes • The Princess Phone • Holidays in the Tropics…

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tell us your story!

ENTERTAINING THE TROOPS USO tours and other shows were a highlight for American troops both overseas and at home. Did you or someone you know ever see one of these shows? Or perhaps you were an entertainer or worked backstage on productions? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Label your story and pictures “USO Tours.” PICTURES FROM THE PAST We’re putting together picture packages on several topics for the coming year and want to include your vintage images! Some of our needs include favorite family pets, camping or exploring nature, playing musical instruments and participating in sports or watching a game. Label your submission “Pictures from the Past.” YOUR SONG Do you and your someone have a special song? How did it become the music of your love? Describe the moment you both realized…

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spotlight 1949

President Harry Truman starts a second term backing a Fair Deal at home—the minimum wage lifts to 75 cents an hour—and the setup of NATO to block communism in Europe. The Soviets lift the blockade of Berlin, thwarted by an airlift of supplies. Notre Dame ends a dominating run with a 10-0 record in football. On Broadway, South Pacific strikes a chord for tolerance. George Orwell’s 1984 is published. Computers “talk” via normal voice phone lines. Kids go crazy for Cootie. McDonald’s adds fries to the menu. And these words are in common use, says Merriam-Webster. BEEFCAKE: The muscular physique of Victor Mature brings a masculine version of cheesecake to the silver screen. BIG BANG: A British astrophysicist refers derisively to a theory that the universe had an explosive beginning. DOG AND PONY…

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theme of equality in adam’s rib

Adam’s Rib by director George Cukor is a moral lesson about equality dressed as a fast-paced ironic comedy. When a woman (Judy Holliday) is charged with attempting to murder her philandering husband’s mistress, prosecutor Adam Bonner (Spencer Tracy) acquires the case. He soon finds out that the woman’s defense attorney is none other than his wife, Amanda (Katharine Hepburn). Hepburn, a strong personality on and off screen, advances the idea that men and women are judged differently for the same action: “There’s lots of things a man can do, and in society’s eyes it’s all hunky-dory. A woman does the same thing—the same thing, mind you—and she’s an outcast.” Adam’s Rib was the sixth of nine box-office-smash comedies for the acting couple. Tracy’s Adam is breezy about facing his wife in court, but his…

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ringside seat

Boxer Jake LaMotta’s 1949 world championship is the source for Martin Scorsese’s 1980 Raging Bull starring Robert De Niro. Which boxing movies knock you out? 1 Wallace Beery plays an alcoholic ex-boxer taking care of his son in this 1931 tear-jerker. 2 William Holden, above, stars in this picture about a man who must choose between his music and boxing. 3 Kirk Douglas plays a boxer who claws his way to the top in this film noir. 4 Rocky Graziano’s life inspires this biopic that makes Paul Newman a star. 5 Anthony Quinn shines in this 1962 drama about a damaged heavyweight boxer who is double-crossed by his manager. 6 James Earl Jones portrays Jack Johnson, the first African American to become heavyweight champion. 7 A struggling Philadelphia boxer earns a title bout in this 1976 film…