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Reminisce Extra January 2020

Get even more "time capsules" of life from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's filled with reader-written stories, pictures from the past, embarrassing moments, ads from the Old Days and much more!    Relax, Laugh and Remember.   Reminisce EXTRA is delivered in between your issues of Reminisce.

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tell us your story!

COMMERCIAL MASCOTS What do you remember of those illustrated mascots for our favorite foods, such as the Campbell’s Soup Kids, Grapette Girls, Mr. Peanut, the Jolly Green Giant and others? Did a mascot ever visit your school or town? Did you hum the jingle or dress up as a mascot for Halloween? Label your story and pictures “Mascots.” BRIDGE NIGHT We’re looking for stories about bridge clubs—the players, the parties, the prizes. When you were the dummy, did you hit the drinks cart? Label your story and pictures “Bridge Night.” THE CORNER STORE Tell us about your favorite corner store back in the day. Was it a classic five-and-dime or mom-and-pop specialty retailer such as a bakery or butcher? Label your story and pictures “Corner Store.” THE ’60S AND ’70S Late baby boomers had very different childhoods from early…

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for one and all

At Reminisce , history is personal. Our readers explore everyday moments in time that shape who they are: Nancy Culver’s special bond with a horse who rescued her from loneliness in Growing Up (page 18); Sidney Hepler’s misfired car trick that brought him closer to his father in Motoring Memories (page 50); Virginia Amis’ touching recollection of playing outside in winter without the protection of snow pants in Lasting Impression (page 58). Their stories loom large on the page today. Yet in the great book of the past, these experiences are snippets—pieces of private histories. That very intimacy makes them fascinating. Of course, there is also History with a capital H—major events of the past that shape our culture. In the last century, no event had a more profound effect on…

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a look ahead

Each issue of Reminisce Extra through 2020 will highlight a different aspect of World War II. If you or someone you know has a tale covering any of these topics, we’d love to read it. MARCH Decisive battles, including Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Bulge, Midway and Okinawa. MAY Serving in Europe. JULY Serving in the Pacific. SEPTEMBER The official end of the war and the immediate postwar period. NOVEMBER The war’s lasting impact and the Honor Flight Network. Share your WWII stories and photos: REMINISCE.COM/ SUBMIT-A-STORY…

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1960 payola, psycho and a new flag

John F. Kennedy beats Vice President Richard M. Nixon in one of the tightest presidential races in history. Black students protest Woolworths’ whites-only lunch counter. The Quarrymen rename themselves The Beatles. Teenager Barbra Streisand wins a talent show, Cassius Clay wins Olympic gold, and Bob Newhart wins three Grammys, including best new artist. The FDA approves the birth control pill for married women. Etch A Sketch and The Game of Life are popular toys. And the Boston Red Sox’s Ted Williams hits his 500th home run. JAN. 25 The FCC begins a crackdown on payola, the practice of radio DJs taking bribes to play certain records. MARCH 5 Elvis Presley leaves the Army after two years in Germany. APRIL 1 The U.S. launches TIROS 1, right, the first weather satellite. APRIL 4 William Wyler’s…

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paul vance’s swimsuit issue

Songwriters Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss wrote Perry Como’s million-selling classic “Catch a Falling Star,” which was the Recording Industry Association of America’s first gold record, awarded in March 1958. But the partners’ next success took years to materialize—and happened only after Vance’s 9-year-old daughter had provided its serendipitous inspiration. The hit song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” led to a rush on the suddenly popular swimwear item. One chilly June day in 1959, Vance, his wife, Margie, and their daughter Paula visited Long Island’s Lido beach. As a surprise, Margie handed Paula a bikini, at the time a bold new bathing suit design that had yet to find acceptance in mainstream America. Paula asked, “Is this all there is to it, Mommy?” After she’d changed into it, the youngster balked about emerging…

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back in mayberry

Quickly after its debut in October 1960 on CBS, The Andy Griffith Show became a gentle respite from the turbulent 1960s. Test your knowledge of life in Mayberry with Sheriff Andy Taylor and the gang. 1 Andy and Opie Taylor are headed here in the show’s opening credits. 2 Who played Opie—and grew up to become an Academy Award-winning director? 3 This veteran actor won five Emmys playing Deputy Barney Fife. 4 How many bullets does Barney carry in his shirt pocket? 5 Aunt Bee is a fine cook, except for her pickles. What do they taste like? 6 She was Opie’s teacher and became Andy’s love interest. 7 He is Mayberry’s absentminded barber. 8 His appearance as a dimwitted gas station attendant led to his own spinoff sitcom about a Marine stationed at the fictional Camp Henderson. 9…