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Reminisce Extra January 2021

Get even more "time capsules" of life from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's filled with reader-written stories, pictures from the past, embarrassing moments, ads from the Old Days and much more!    Relax, Laugh and Remember.   Reminisce EXTRA is delivered in between your issues of Reminisce.

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fresh out of the past

We were surprised and gratified by the wealth of submissions from readers to our request for pictures of themselves as children and adults. We had so many submissions, in fact, that we are dividing them over two issues. The first installment, “The Same Age Inside,” begins on page 48 . The second round will appear in the March issue of Reminisce Extra. Perhaps we should not have been so surprised, after all. Who hasn’t delighted in showing a child or good friend incontrovertible proof that we were, indeed, young and little once upon a time? When my son was in kindergarten, he was upset at being the shortest kid in the class and the shortest human at home. He felt better about his lot only when I showed him a picture…

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tell us your story!

HOLIDAYS IN A SNAP Readers love looking at the past through the lens of Mom’s Polaroid or little Joey’s box camera. Which is why we do our best every month to use as many reader images as we can. Now, we’re eager to build up our store of reader pictures. We’d love to see your snapshots from any holiday or celebration—birthdays, family reunions, Passover, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa. Please ID everyone and tell us when and where your images were taken. Label them “Pictures From the Past.” GROWING UP Share your favorite memory from childhood. Stories about a particular incident or event are best, especially when you fill it with the details that bring it alive. Don’t forget to include the first names of siblings, friends and Mom and Dad.…

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1971 the young can vote, and tech gathers momentum

Alan Shepard golfs on the moon. A leaked report on Vietnam is a watershed in Richard Nixon’s presidency. The voting age drops to 18 . Microprocessors, e-mail and floppy disks are at tech’s leading edge, and hand-held calculators replace slide rules. Jesus Christ Superstar debuts on Broadway. Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World” tops the charts. Films include The French Connection and Fiddler on the Roof. Other debuts: Greenpeace, Amtrak, soft contact lenses and an ovoid toy that wobbles but won’t fall down. And these words are in common use, per Merriam-Webster. AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER: The American Kennel Club gives the OK for this muscular dog with a sweet nature to compete in shows, center bottom. ANIMATRONICS: Robotic animals in The Mickey Mouse Revue amaze opening day visitors at Walt Disney World’s…

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changing times

Topics that have been out of bounds for a family-focused show become fair game when All in the Family hits the small screen in 1971. The groundbreaking sitcom about a working-class family headed by bigot Archie Bunker will earn 22 Emmys during its nine-year run. Test your ’70s sitcom smarts. 1 Once neighbors to the Bunkers, this wealthy Black family moves to a “deluxe apartment in the sky” in Manhattan, above. 2 A divorced mother struggles to raise two teenage daughters on her own in Indianapolis. 3 A family deals with eviction, gangs and other real-life problems in this dy-no-mite show. 4 Set in East Los Angeles, this show teams a street kid with the owner of a gas station. 5 A teacher returns to his Brooklyn high school to work with the latest generation…

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country anthem finds a home

Songwriter Bill Danoff was on a country road, going to a family reunion in Maryland with future wife Taffy Nivert in 1970, when he was inspired to write a song about the particularly scenic area of the state he was driving through. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” became an official state song of West Virginia in 2014. The song he started to write, “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” was about the universal experience of returning home, though the Mountain Mama in the song is not in Maryland, but West Virginia. The four syllables in West Virginia, versus the three in Maryland, make all the difference in the meter of the first verse: “Almost heaven, West Virginia.” (Danoff’s home state, Massachusetts, has the right number of syllables, but no Blue Ridge Mountains.) Danoff and…

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spur of the moment interview

Seeing celebrities in New York is not uncommon, but the time I saw Dick Clark stands out. I worked in New York as a financial analyst for the Life Savers Candy Co. One day in 1982 , I was waiting in front of 40 W. 57 th St. for a group of friends with whom I was going out to lunch. Down the sidewalk came Dick Clark, with a stunning young woman. She looked like a model and most likely was an aspiring actress as well. Three teenagers coming from the opposite direction noticed Clark and called his name. He could have gotten away with a polite nod or a quick hello. Instead, he stopped and talked with them. He asked what kind of music they liked and who their favorite artists…