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Reminisce Extra July 2021

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home at last

July Fourth is my favorite holiday. Everything about it is warm, colorful and full of joy. And this year, it will have special meaning for me. I’ve written before about my growing up in Canada. I lived there until I was in my early 20s, when I married my American boyfriend and we settled in the United States. Mark and I have been together now for three and a half decades and we’re still going strong, thank goodness—I can’t imagine anyone else putting up with me for that long. Our son recently turned the age I was when I first entertained the idea of leaving the country I loved for the young man I loved even more. It was frightening and difficult, and those first few months I was heartsick…

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tell us your story!

DAYS AT THE ARCADE Did you go to the arcade as a kid? We’re looking for reader memories about that bygone era when life was nothing but a fistful of quarters and the rhythmic dinging of a dozen Pong games. Label your story and photos “Arcade.” DEPARTMENTS Submissions for our many standing departments are welcome. Below are a few favorites. Still can’t decide where your story belongs? Send it along and let us figure it out. Growing Up: Joys of childhood and the teenage years. Pictures from the Past: How we lived and looked back when. Is it a fantastic picture? Send it for consideration for our Back Cover. Brush with Fame: The thrill of meeting someone famous. Keepsakes: Stories behind treasured items passed down or kept for years. Our Heroes: Military stories—in war and peace, at home…

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D wight D. Eisenhower is the first Republican to sit in the Oval Office in 20 years. Queen Elizabeth II is crowned in Westminster Abbey. Dr. Jonas Salk announces successful initial tests for the polio vaccine. Ralph Ellison wins the National Book Award for Invisible Man. Marshmallow Peeps become an Easter must-have. Stuck with tons of leftover turkey, Swanson launches TV dinners. With the birth of Little Ricky, I Love Lucy wraps up a trailblazing storyline that incorporated its star’s actual pregnancy (right). And Merriam-Webster adds these words to the dictionary. BALLPOINT PEN : Marcel Bich acquires the patent for a pen that dispenses ink with a ball-socket mechanism instead of a leaky nib. The cheap BIC Cristal pen is a bestseller. DEMOLITION DERBY: These free-for-alls give cars the green light to ram one…

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how the western was won

Producer-director George Stevens no doubt drove Paramount Pictures’ bean counters crazy as he displayed few qualms about busting a budget to achieve perfection. His Shane was no exception: For instance, Stevens did 119 takes of Alan Ladd demonstrating his shooting skills in front of a hero-worshipping youngster before he got the clip he wanted. After Stevens shot Shane in 1951 and ’52, he spent 16 months editing the estimated 1 million feet of film. Based on Jack Schaefer’s popular 1949 novel of the same name, Shane stars Alan Ladd as a drifter burdened with a violent past that he wants to forget. He settles in Wyoming for a while with the homesteading Starrett family that includes husband Joe (Van Heflin), wife Marian (Jean Arthur) and son Joey (Brandon deWilde). An escalating feud between the…

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beginning now

Vaccines and DNA discoveries are big news in science in 1953, but you may remember these famous firsts in entertainment, transportation and human interest, too. 1 She makes her movie debut in Roman Holiday alongside Gregory Peck. 2 Desiderio Arnaz IV, son of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball (above), is the cover model on this publication’s premiere issue. 3 Bob Hope emcees the first TV broadcast of this annual awards ceremony. 4 With its car culture booming, Los Angeles opens up an engineering marvel that brings together the Harbor, Pasadena and Hollywood Freeways. 5 This fiberglass sports car is unveiled at GM’s New York auto show. It’s named for a type of fast, maneuverable ship. 6 He cuts his first single—a gift for his mom, Gladys—at Sun Records. 7 Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay open…

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whoopee cushion

JEM offered the toy to novelty king S.S. Adams. He whiffed, deeming it vulgar, but regretted it, and later marketed his own Razzberry Cushion. Pranksters looking for a cheap gag to lighten the mood in the ’30s had a blast with this device from JEM Rubber Co. of Toronto, Ontario. JEM improved on existing versions of the toy with a special one-way valve that pulsated under pressure, emitting a realistically indelicate noise. In the 1950s, ads for the lowbrow joke placed in comic books targeted a natural audience—adolescents. The whoopee cushion got the respect it deserved in 1953, when it earned a dictionary entry from Merriam-Webster (page 10).…